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M. D'Souza

That's a good comparison of the media. They don't even shed a crocodile tear when Israel is attacked and Jews are killed. They have certainly yawned this time.

We read about these attacks on Israel only through Israeli news media, especially Arutz 7. There's not a whimper from any of our liberal news media.

Dr.Pat Robertson's CBN News gives daily reports from Israel from one of his correspondents in Israel. So also does the Dr.Joseph Farah's World Net Daily, with Aaron Klein giving daily reports from Jerusalem. These are the only sources we rely on for our news from Israel.

Gerry Mullen

When Israel retaliates to Arab rocket attacks, terrorists bombings, kidnappings, etc - the world condems the retaliation. As to bombings, kidnappings of Jews, the world deliberately ignores such.

A goy,
Gerry Mullen


Ignorance is bliss.Why rock the boat?Its no surprise ofcourse that the rocketing countinues.The PA solders are at war with Isreal.Hamas is at war with Isreal and the many other terro groups that are infesting the area.But back to the ignorance is bliss campaighn.If the reality of events were reported then peaple would either notice the problems for what they are and attempt to take action,or ignore such problems and carry on.The media has become in general a force for inforced ignorance.Now indeed there are other news sources to be found.But in general the power players have little ablity to state the facts.Instead the power players inforce a stades que approach to the daily events.No matter how glaring the events are,the themes are nearly always the same.And inforced nearly automatcally.This occures for a meriade of reasons.But it does occur.And to say otherwise is missing the importance of such things.Its odd indeed.And dangeruse.

Dan Friedman

The media is yawning? That's to be expected. What's news is that the Israeli people are yawning, or asleep altogether. And that's the problem in Israel, not The New York Times.

Luigi Frascati

Alright, let's see how many other news the media fails to report on a daily basis.

For instance, approximately 100 Sudanese, mostly defenseless women and children, die at the hands of the Janjaweed in the Darfur conflict on a daily basis - and the media say absolutely nothing about them.

Between 5,000 to 10,000 young girls are victims of the rampant human trafficking trade ravaging Bangladesh and disappear without a trace on a yearly basis. That's between 13 to 26 girls every day - and there is no mention of them in the media.

Amnesty International estimates that some 50 political prisoners are still being tortured daily in China at this very age - and the media is absolutely silent.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, more than 25,000 people die of starvation every day, and more than 800 million people are chronically undernourished. On average, every five seconds a child dies from starvation - and the media ignores them entirely.

Mr. Freund, as a non-Israeli citizen I respectfully submit to you that, in the general context of what is happening in this planet on a daily basis, three Qassam rockets that land in the Negev region (that's a desert, isn't it?) with one of which hitting a town and leaving one person "slightly" injured and two people in shock .... Mr. Freund, that is definitely, absolutely and unequivocally a news NOT worth reporting!!

To say that Israel is being hit by three rockets is equivalent to say that it is snowing in the North Pole. Especially now, when Israel has just finished getting hit by 4,000 rockets. So now you are at 4,003 - big deal! The real news from Israel will be when a full day will pass without Israel being hit by a single rocket. I can envision the title already ... in the Guinness Book Of World Records: " Israel not hit by a single rocket for a full 24 hours straight".

Look, I do not mean to make fun of anybody - but to pretend now that 6 billion human beings must be made aware of the existence of a 'non-occurrence' such as the one you have reported in your post - I think it is a little bit egocentristic.

You got a problem with three Qassam rockets nabbing Israel right in the bud? Do one of two things:

a) tell your Foreign Ministry to start jumping up and down, bring the matter to the United Nations, buy a page on all major newspapers and magazines and report it yourselves - in other words publicize this occurrence and all the others that will follow, so that by the time Israel reacts everybody is fully aware of what has been going on. Or

b) bomb them back right away. They throw three rockets at you from Gaza? Drop three bombs on Gaza. And keep on doing it for each and every rocket they throw at you. Sort of "an eye for an eye, a bomb for a rocket".

We'll see who stops first - and in the interim, Israel gets the media attention you covet so much ...


Uh, Luigi, one would expect that the ISRAELI newspapers reported the continued attacks, but they do not (at least not Ynet).

That is indeed something to comment about.

Luigi Frascati

To srk:

yes, I agree. That is definitely something to comment about - if one is an Israeli, that is. But in his post Mr. Freund refers to the 'international media'. So, really, the question then becomes: "If the Israeli media doesn't think that three Qassam rockets launched against Israel is a news worth reporting, why should the international media care about it"?

And the second question that comes to my mind after reading your comment is: "If you Israelis KNOW that rockets are falling and your land, and KNOW that your own media doesn't report anything - how come you yourselves do not start jumping up and down not against your Government but, rather, against your own media?".

Here's where I am coming from. Israel is doing a very poor job at selling its cause to the world. And in this day and age, when first impressions are everything, that's a real drawback. It is not a matter of justice - it is a matter of how you present your case.

Take the latest conflict, for example. By all accounts Israel was the innocent victim attacked by Nasrallah without provocation. That's the fact, and everybody knew it. So, how come practically the whole world turned against Israel? Because what people saw were well equipped, well trained Israeli soldiers storming innocent, defenseless civilians. Because they saw the powerful IAF targeting civilian buildings in Beirut. Because they saw well fed, smiling Israeli children secure in bomb shelters and poor, dirty and crying Lebanese children left right in the street without a home to go to.

What does all this have to do with the fact that Israel was attacked without provocation? Nothing at all. But it was the impression that counted. Israel has got to start a public campaign on an international level to show the world what Arabs really are: a bunch of backwards bedouins on camelbacks. And you do that not by shooting and bombing them but, rather, by documenting their actions, by constantly bringing to the world attention how they keep on victimizing you, by comparing the great achievements and success you have attained in Israel through decades of hard work with the failures Arabs have achieved in their own societies through centuries of ineptitude, both domestic and internationally. By comparing the pristine and democratic principles upon which the foundations of the Jewish State are cast with the middle-age mentality of Islam. Heck, that's not too difficult to prove. Just take a camera and start filming!

Jews have developed throughout the centuries, for good or bad, a reputation for being fantastic merchants, fabulous salesman and shrewed but just businessmen. Time has come to live up to your own reputation. Start selling yourselves to the world, and you will destroy Nasrallah and the whole gang in no time and far more effectively than with all the bombs you can possibily drop on them.

M. D'Souza

To Luigi Frascati,

One should also consider the Saudis' potential influence on US and international media. It was reported by Washington Times, Jan. 15, 2006, when Prince Alwaleed bin Talal purchased 5.6% of voting shares in News Corp., the world's largest publisher of English newspapers.

Most of the mannequins who sit as TV news reporters, just parrot the news they find in these newspapers. That's the reason we find them showing favoritism towards Arabs. They know that the Arabs hate Israel, and therefore they will not displease their Arab shareholders by reporting anything in favor of Israelis.

That's the reason we saw how the news media humanized the plight of Hizbullah 'civilians' and demonized Israel. It was DISGUSTING to watch the reports on TV during the Lebanon war.

Luigi Frascati

To M D'Souza:

sure, that too. One additional reason as to why the Israeli Government should hire the best advertising firms in the United States and in Europe and start pounding those suckers right in their own turf. It all boils down to salesmanship.

Mostly in Europe but to a certain extent here in North America as well, the concept of being Jewish and of Judaism in general evokes the dark memories of the Holocaust. But then, unfortunately, knowledge of Judaism fades away into a potpourri of mysticism, barbarism, Old Testament, religious absolutism, anti-christianity, money, power ... and now the IAF.

Most Europeans do not even know what the Torah is. But they all know what the Al-Qu'ran is ... not because they have read it, but because they have seen it on TV! It is a fundamental component of the human psyche that of being afraid of things we do not know. So therefore, Israel has got to make itself better known to be liked and appeciated more.


I just wanted the Israelis to know that Christians in the US, are sick over this latest episode at the UN with our president--when will he ever learn. He is bringing judgment on our country by catering to the enemies of Israel, and he brings great shame to the name he claims--Christian...

Account Deleted

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Mostly in Europe but to a certain extent here in North America as well, the concept of being Jewish and of Judaism in general evokes the dark memories of the Holocaust. But then, unfortunately, knowledge of Judaism fades away into a potpourri of mysticism, barbarism, Old Testament, religious absolutism, anti-christianity, money, power ... and now the IAF.

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