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Luigi Frascati

You are absolutely correct. There is no roadmap to nowhere until the Israeli soldiers are released.

M. D'Souza

Instead of demanding Israel to follow his advice, it’s better that Javier Solana took
his unsolicited advice to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Syria -- and tell them to accommodate their Arab expatriates who are in Israel, back into their own vast lands.

The Land of Israel is a legacy G-D Himself handed down to Abraham; and it is an inheritance that the Jews received from Abraham. Who are these ‘legacy seekers’ -- whether they be European or Canaanite -- that want to divide G-D’s Beulah Land (Isaiah 62:4,5) to create a 23rd Arab state? All they will get is an additional Arab vote against Israel at the UN. These lunatic ‘legacy-seekers’ need to read the whole chapter of Isaiah 62, before they demand any more concessions from Israel to the Arab terrorists.

But sometime in the future, Israel will fall for the pompous mantra of a leader that will arise from the revived Roman Empire (present day European Union). The Book of Daniel gives a good explanation of the ‘latter days’ -- when he interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Dan.2:40-45); and Prophet Daniel’s own dream (Dan.7:7, 8, 11, 19-26), where he speaks of a ‘little horn’ – a leader that will arise out of the European Union -- who will speak ‘pompous words’ (mentioned 4 times). The interpretation of Daniel’s dream is given in Dan.7:23-25; 8:23-25.

Daniel elaborates the characteristics of this leader in Dan.11:21-31. We have an important passage in v.32 that says: ‘Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their G-D shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.’ V.33 says: ‘And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering.’ The latter part of v.33 sounds like a description of Islamic terror.

The nature and exploits of this leader are given in Dan.11:36-45. A clue to his ancestry is given in verses 37 and 38, when Daniel says, ‘He shall not regard the G-D of his fathers…’ Instead he honors ‘a god which his fathers did not know’. Could this leader be a Jew, whose father is a Jew but not his mother?

If the Jews read in detail the prophecies of their Hebrew prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Obadiah, Zechariah, and others) regarding the 'latter days', they will know exactly what will transpire during the ‘latter days’. They will also be encouraged, that ALL the land promised to them will be restored.

The Israelis don’t have to please ‘legacy-seekers’ nor do they have to appease Arab terrorists by surrendering the legacy and inheritance that the Jews received from G-D through Abraham.


"Sorry, Javier, but the days when Europe can force Jews to flee are over. This land belongs to us, and we have no intention of leaving – so start getting used to it. Or, better yet, take your unsolicited advice elsewhere."

I mainly agree with Author Freund, but I think this statement is not exactly reality. As in the US, so aptly demonstrated by the last 2 Presidential elections, and ever since political activity; we see that approximately 50% of the US would not leave a burning house. Or Heaven Forbid, defend themselves. It may be harsh for me to say so, but I personally believe Tel Aviv needed to have 20 or more Hizbmaniac rockets land on the University grounds and other scattered locations. I do not want deaths or injuries, just a "Wake-up Call" to those politically correct people that can't smell the smoke of their coming war. Until they wake up, the lefty/liberal/socialist/useful idiots will continue to bring on all of our destruction.


DOV, 9/11 hasn't made a lasting impact on NYC. Why do you think a few rockets would affect Tel Aviv?

cleveland Mann

My advice to Israel: Next time you are attacked by any group or nation, I suggest you not listen to the U.S.A. or anyone else, but do what I know you know you can, and wipe them out.

There is no need for the Israel Armies to be discouraged because they are being told to hold off, and then lose face again. G-d is on your side and will always be on your side. You are His people.

I am praying for you.

May G_d be with you.


SK; absolutely; no nation is “commanded” to take it on the chin; whenever their sovereignty is under attack: of course, as mentioned, with the exclusion of Israel. Frankly, why should Israel be obliged to do so? No other nation would tolerate it, especially the US, as has already been demonstrated.
The EU is another governing body, which flexes it vocal disapproval and condemnation of Israel. Sorry, but Europe has no weight or moral substance remaining to lean on Jews: they, the Euros, proved this in the past century.
The so-called Western sophisticates may frown on the words; G-d is on Israel’s side, as we are the Chosen… they shall realise that this is not solely written but the truth in the not too distant future.


OK, A little Harsh..
IF, Israel had any, (Supply your own adj. colorful or crude), We would tell ALL the world and ESPECIALLY the US Jews to "shove it". And at the same time start dumping ALL muslims on the EU and US OR Better, MEXICO. Then when any of the remaining muslims take a shot at us, we flatten the WHOLE village and dump the residents into the Sinai. For countries, a little Napalm in the area a rocket or shooting comes from should be equal. In any way you express it, fight for our existence. Tell the World we are POed. and NOT going to take it anymore. Then the world will treat us real nice like it does all the other tin pot despots telling the world they will bring on destruction, even Nuclear level. For our people being attacked in other countries, we should have a number of roving hoodlums that could strike back on our persecutors. Thus will come about the Tenach scenario of the whole world attacking us. AND THE MESSIAH CAN RETURN!

Adele Mischel  MSW

Mr. Solana has clarified his position and his bias. There is nothing left to doubt, or to hope--- from Mr. Solana.
What Israel will do as a nation---its ability to secure its people---and the integrity of its land---will rest upon the people of the State of Israel.
"Never again" is a good starting point...

Colonel Pinilla

Mr Freund,

I'm horrified how ridiculous you can be and how unethically you can speak.

If you think this efforts are unsolicited then reveal to the UN troops in Lebanon frontier. World, not just EU, can understand most things and deal with them but terrorist behaviour makes Israel terrorist itself. Can't ask for peace without peace and legality, and actual Israel is out of it.No democracy can accept killing civilians or targeting ambulances. If you suppose there's terrorists inside you got to prove it. Be the stubborn you want but don't try to confuse people: you are feeding terrorism with your tactics. Muslims occupied most of Spain during 8 centuries and that is no right to revenge on actual Magreb. That was a lot of wars and a lot of reasons, but the people is not the same. Your point is racist, unethic and dispproportionate. No one is gonna throw you to the sea but your stupid practices, no one hates you so much than you hate yourself and make neightbours weaknesses involved. If you want to find enemies you'll only find enemies but to find friends you must have some courage.


When, just when has Europe ever offered advice that was good for the Jews. European hatred for Jews is not new nor has it abated. It is still the rotten current of hatred that flows just beneathe the surface of European society where the only good Jew is a subdued Jew. Sure, a few Germans feel guilty and occasionally present a face of humility and reconcilliation to the world. A memorial here, a mea culpa there. Scratch the surface though...just a tiny little scratch on the surface of the 'new Europe', the EU, and you will find all that highmindedness is just so much whitewash over the same old foul smellng rot of anti-semitism. Nothing has changed in Europe. It has just been 'lipsticked' It is up to Israel to assert herself as what in fact she is, a light among the nations. Do you think that it will be easy and without hardship? Do you think the world will love you for it? Israel must assert its sovergnty over the land of Israel in every way that matters. And it all matters. So go ahead...stop worryingand be "stiff-necked". Do what needs to be done. Do not give an inch. Javier can just stop beating his gums about his 'roadmap to peace' It was never more than a roadmap to the distruction of Israel and Judism. The EU, the US and those that oppose Israel will just have to get over themselves. And you know what? They will. The UN is without credibility, without nobility, without plans and without teeth. All they do is prattle endlessly and each vote takes another bite out of Israel. A veritable tower of Babel. Do not forget that many many Americans, in their hearts, know that Israel must be defended. If for no other reason than "first they came for the Jews"...Sometimes I fear that some Jews may stop believeing in themselves, may come to think that those who oppose Israel are right...Ask yourselves,if Jews do not believe in themselves then who will? I can't forget the young soldier I saw on TV last summer. He said "If I do not defend my country then who will do it?" Who indeed. Definetly not Javier.


Most Americans support Israel except for the leadership of the Democrat party and most American Jews. The Republican administration has been rock solid in their support for Israel and yet 90% of Jews voted Democrat in the last US elections. I just don't get it; why do American Jews oppose Israel? If you have an answer please email me at tommy.flores@gmail.com.

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