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M. D'Souza

The following was shown on CBN News 700 Club on 9th or 10th of Oct.06. The manufacture of the Kassam rocket is such a crude process in a primitive 'lab' setting. Who knows how many such 'cottage industries' exist in Gaza?

A CBN News source was allowed to visit one factory. Inside, a jihadist prayed for a blessing to manufacture the right stuff to kill Jews.

A cooking pan is used to prepare a rocket's propellant-a mixture of oxidizer and fuel. The fuel is actually British sugar- a very fine powdery sugar manufactured in Britain and used as fuel to propel the rocket to its target.

Another weapon at the factory is the al-Zarkawi mortar, named for the al-Qaeda terrorist leader slain this year in Iraq. The al-Zarkawi contains both a mortar shell and an additional charge to maximize its ability to kill.

One Fatah rocket maker said, "They are horrified of our rockets. As is mentioned in Allah's dear book: "Make ready against them whatever force and wars mount, to terrify the enemies of Allah and your enemy as well."

Some of these Palestinian groups were once considered to be little more than armed gangs, motivated more by self interest than radical Islamist theology. The hope was that in time, with help from the West, they would moderate and eventually be part of the peace effort with Israel and help form a future Palestinian state.

But Islamist theology like the kind put out by Iran and Osama bin Laden has become the driving force with these groups in Gaza, and it is distinctly anti-american as well as anti-Israel.

"America is immorality and shame, America is injustice and dictatorship, America is the dominator and arrogant, America is the oppressor and colonizer," said Alsef.

The angry factions in Gaza may be headed for civil war unless they hold together under the Islamist call to defeat the enemy or die.

"We are all candidates for martyrdom," said Abu Obeida, a Hamas militant. "We enjoy life, but if death will provide our people protection, dignity and victory, we will be ready to give our souls as a price for it."
This is just the interesting tid bit of the full article: Hamas Threatens Third Intifada - By John Waage, CBN News Oct.11, 06, and can be read at: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/38858,aspx.

M. D'Souza

Direct access to the above site mentioned in my first comment may not give the entire article.

In that case, click on http://www.cbn.com.
Then click on 'Inside Israel' block on the page.
It will open to a page with 'News from Israel.'
Hamas Threatens Third Intifada - by John Waage is the first article on the page.

Keith Dawid


Luigi Frascati

The root of the Palestinian problem stems out all the way back to what Palestinians refer to as "The Catastrophe" - the 1948 Arab-Israeli War most commonly known in Israel as "The War of Liberation", and their non-acceptance of the UN Resolution establishing the Jewish State.

In fact, it goes even beyond that, to WWII and the time when Arabs were allied with the Axis, and proclaimed the assertion of a 'final solution' for the 'Jewish problem of Palestine' modeled upon the acts and deeds of the Third Reich or, alternatively, to the somewhat softer (but equally lethal nonetheless) stance of the Fascist Regime in the then Kingdom of Italy in the matter of the 'defence of the (arian) race'.

Almost sixty years have now passed by, Israel is still around grappling with the Palestinian problem, Palestinians are still there crying foul, countless plans have been brought forth to integrate the Palestinians within their own land pursuant to that old UN Resolution - with the end result that now a terrorist organization like Hamas rules the land, and with the second end result that Israel has captured about one-third of Hamas elected officials.

So, maybe I am missing the point, but what is it that you intend to accomplish by getting Israel to strike now? There is going to be 'an ugly confrontation in the future', no matter if Israel strikes now or doesn't. And since rockets have become the lifeline of Arabs intent at striking at Israel, there is going to be a lot of rockets coming down whether Israel strikes now or not.

Nothing short of a full scale invasion of Gaza will avoid the forthcoming ugly confrontation, but the political price to pay for it now is too stiff, especially in the wake of the Re-Engagement War with Hezbollah. On the other hand, Gaza does not benefit from the same strategic position as Northern Lebanon, sharing just one short border with Egypt. Therefore, it is questionable whether Palestinians can ever mount a full scale defence modeled upon Nasrallah's.

So, therefore, it seems to me that there is no choice but to wait.


REALLY.. There is No NEED to enter Gaza at the expense of Lives, Tanks, Bulldozers or even low slow Aircraft such as Helicopters. Putting them at risk is CRIMINAL!
Napalm in the morning is far more effective.


I can’t say I disagree, DOV! I fear the powers, that be, will once again approach another war with the tenacity of “Barney and Friends”.
Because, Olmert and company are ineffectual leaders; especially during war; therefore once again the IDF will be deployed haphazardly, as not to offend world opinion. When, frankly, the world does not give a toss about Israel.
One does not hear a whisper, from the so-named main-stream-media, about the Kassams being fired into Israel. Moreover, the flaccid collaborationists of the UN and EU will remain mute until Israel retaliates in kind.
Yes napalm, in the morning, does have a certain buzz to it!

Adele Mischel MSW

What is difficult for so many to comprehend, is the apparent denial by the leadership of Israel concerning the reality of the threat facing the nation. The statements made by government officials is spin, and it continues relentlessly: What is being done to meet the demands of what will surely be another war...a major war? The press, is doing a fine job in reporting about tunnels, major shipments of stategic weaponry, while voices within the Arab world are heard loud and clear about the "annihilation of the Jewish State."
Israel MUST act now....and get a leadership into office able demonstrate that Israel can do much, much, more than remain on the defensive,

Kimberly Phillips, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

What is completely amazing to me is the complete and utter failure for the leftist government [aka we're centrists] to admit that what is really at stake here is the very survival of Israel. The Islamo-fascists will be happy with nothing less than the anhilation of Israel, and that includes those who appease them. READ THIS -- They HATE you -- Do not appease evil, stand strong and defend the gift that G-d has bestowed upon you for all generations -- It isn't yours to give away! It doesn't belong to the "international community" This is G-d's land from Jordan to the Mediterranian Sea, given by birthright to the children of Jacob through his son Isaac. The son's of Ishamel have NO claim on this land WHATSOEVER. There is only be one country in this region -- Israel -- "Palestine" is a mythical land created by the British Empire to appease the Arabs who would have made their life a living hell otherwise. The Arabs have 22 other countries they can turn into cess pools of terror and destruction. I agree, Napalm is better in the morning.


"There is only be one country in this region -- Israel -- "Palestine" is a mythical land created by the British Empire to appease the Arabs who would have made their life a living hell otherwise."

Excellent, Kimberly: if those whom deem it otherwise were so well informed.

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