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Luigi Frascati

As a former European myself, I can only personally confirm first-hand that what you are saying is entirely true. It is not the death of six million Jews and that of 50 million other people worldwide that has changed the attitude of the majority of Europeans (not all of them, fortunately) towards the Jews, towards Judaism in general and, naturally, towards the legality of the existence of the State of Israel.

And it is a real shame. I have come to regard it as Europe's true original sin. Which sin has had a tremendous impact on my youth. Meaning that since my father was Jewish and my mother was Catholic, when I grew up in Florence my Jewish pals never quite accepted me as one of their own, and my Catholic pals rejected me as a ... Jew. So, in essence, I spent my teen years with ... my dog. My dog, an oversized male boxer on a short fuse, being perhaps the most intelligent creature among all those that surrounded me at the time, never quite made a distinction between Jews and Catholics - he didn't like neither, as I am sure some of my pals can remember when they look at their own scars, and above all accepted me for what I was: a half-Jew and half-Catholic.

The European attitude towards the Jews is the end result of centuries of religious hatred and social apartheid, and this attitude has become and is now an innate part of European culture, philosophy, thought and lifestyle. Sure, there was a time right after WWII when Jews were pitied for what they had endured, but to my recollection Jews have never quite been accepted in European societies. In fact, many of them chose to leave.

Nor, to my knowledge, have Europeans ever been quite repentful for their acts and deeds against the Jews, no matter what you read or what they tell you. My experience, in fact, is quite the opposite judging from the several comments I used to hear when I lived in Italy. Comments ranging from those that tended to 'justify' the acts perpetrated by the Fascist Regime against the Jews before and during the war, to comments that tended to rationalize how, in ultimate analysis, the Jews had gotten what they had 'deserved'. Europeans were repentful that they got caught, the losing nations were repentful that they had lost the war, the winning nations were repentful that they lost their prestige and their empires ... but nobody was ever truly sorry for the Jews.

There is a word for this type of attitude, Mr. Freund: it is called 'bigotry'. And yes, when it comes to the Jews, the Europeans are bigots, always have been and always will be.

Colonel Pinilla

Bad, bad boys... So the source of all problems are again europeans? Of course never jews!(never forget this magic number:6millions)... No autocritic, no recognizing that in Europe all religions live in peace with no major conflicts as wars (of course in Israel this harmony is normal...) apart from turmented and shy Luigi's adolescence... OK then, never learn, no worries, you are the chosen people... I wonder chosen for what evil thing...

And israelis kill civilians, and conquer other's lands and don't respect any of palestinian lives and rights (aren't they in Israel's territory?), as an example.
And so isarelis are doing the same europeans are accused to do during the world war II...!!! Bad, bad boys. Bad, bad boys... don't accuse others if you have sins to pay for... very deep sins. Europeans we are not so stupid to believe israelis do the right thing. Among other great values that makes the Israel I know a human and splendid people, there are other things. There is critical racism, there is vanity, there is arrogance...
Myself I forgive israelis for beeing humans. Would you do the same with yourself? Allways with the same problems with everybody (soooo it's casual, of course)...We are all made of the same material. Everybody.


Come on now.Its not isolated to the EU.Its a global phenomanon.The historic record is in the state of Isreals favor.There has never been a state of Palistine.Not by any defanition of the word state.So the peace plans have failed.Deadly faliuers indeed.Gaza is a staging land for the countinued warfare.Southern lebanon the same.PA governerd tearetories the same.Oslo accords discrasefully deadly results.The basic problem is the global community is building a system devoid of the truth.For any number of reasons.Whos truth etc..You must remember the basic claim of Isreal.From the past to the present day.Its exsestence is guided by God.Bluntly.Now for the secular folks thats sillyness,if not dangerous.But the history does not depend on efforts of men and women.Yes men and women are interagale to youre state.But its ancient history was always guided by an otherwordly force.This is clear to all.And maddning to many.But it is what it is.So ya the EU generally is a block of nations disregarding historic facts.Natreral Law if you will.In hopes of buliding a new order.It may be noble.But altametly were not gods.And to disregard history etc..For some new way is quiet a gamble.The Peace proceses attest to that.

Dannel R. Ballesteros

Read Genesis 12:3
England's downfall began during the occupation of Israel, 1917-1948 (31 years) especially 1945-48. It used to be said that the "The Sun never set on the British Empire" Observe it now! Of recent date an ominous statement was lifted from the Israel News that within ten years or less, the Muslims will be the ruling poarty in England!

M. D'Souza

Those who accuse the Jews of 'blood libel' and Israel of 'land libel', definitely need a healthy dose of reality.

In the battle-field of world opinion, the Arabs have succeeded by their constant anti-Israel drum-beat, accusing Israel of both the libels. The Arab oil has not only fueled the economies of the world, but it has also fed the fires of anti-Israeli hatred. Yet, the Israeli economy and technological advances are far greater than all the Arab nations combined.

Now comes their al Jazeera's "Bash Israel" bandwagon, in its English version. Our gullible liberals will swallow their garbage and relish the Islamo-fascist mantra: 'Annihilate Israel and humiliate the US'. All the while the real culprits will hide behind the cloak of Arab nobility.

PM Blair seems to be brain-washed by the anti-Israeli propaganda emanating out of London's jihad hub. Their 7/11 was propagated by Islamists, not Jews. So why does he think Israel is the root-cause of the world's woes?

Anti-semitism in Eurabia is understandable. Nazis of old have metamorphosed into Islamo-nazis. Jews survived and thrived after the holocaust caused by the Nazis. We saw the end of those Nazis. The Islamo-nazis too will meet the same end, even worse (Ezekiel prophesied it).

Then you have the repository for anti-semitism - the UN. Just see how they vote against Israel! UN is the next Titanic that will sink, because there are too many fat-cats in it. Israel will still survive and not be pushed into the sea, because of 'land libel'.

The tunnel-vision of the pathetic liberals don't see the looming catastrophe that the Islamo-fascists can unleash upon the whole world. Israel has the protection of G-D Himself, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, where Israel is concerned. No weapon formed against Israel will prosper. Jews will still survive.

Jews are like the traditional canaries in the history's coal mine; yet, the same canary has emerge out of the ashes like a phoenix, in the roiling region of the Middle East.

Luigi Frascati

To Colonel Pinilla, a.k.a. ivanjoan:

where did you get this idea that "in Europe all religions live in peace with no major conflicts as wars"? How would you then characterize, for example, the war in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants? Gerry Adams, the President of Sean Fein (the political arm of the IRA - the Irish Republican Army) has been characterizing the conflict between Irish Catholics and Irish and British Protestants as a religious war for over thirty years!

Tell us, Colonel Pinilla, are you sure that you are European at all? Are you telling the truth? You wouldn't be, by any chance, another American Flying Donkey, lost this time around into the frigid waters of historical blissful oblivion, would you not?

No European in his right mind would ever come up with a statement the likes of "in Europe all religions live in peace with no major conflicts as wars". Certainly not since the time when St. Augustine proclaimed and detailed in the V Century A.D. the concept of 'Just War' to spread Christianity by force, thereby becoming the first 'jihadist' ever in the history of mankind - a good 900 years before the Prophet Mohammed ever walked on the sandy dunes of Arabia!

And thereby further setting the tempo of the religious and political papal authority for the following twelve centuries - with all the wars, death, famines, massacres, tortures and destruction that the union of the temporal-religious power of the Church of Rome conjoint into the hands of a single man - the Pope as the representative of the Christian God on this planet - brought to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Europeans and non-Europeans alike throughout history, in the name of and for the cause of the Christian Omnipotent and that of his son Jesus - including the Christian Crusades against Islam !!

St. Augustine, as I am sure you very well know my dear 'European' friend, was not Italian - he was born in present-day Algeria (that figures ...), back then a Roman province.

In any event, be as it may be, had PM Tony Blair exercised in fact that spirit of autocriticism you make reference to in your commentary, he certainly would not have come up with yet another one of his typical antisemitic remarks. Had PM Blair intended in good faith to soothe the differences existing between Muslim and Jews in modern-day Middle East, he could have made use of the chapters of history written by one the great European nations - his own.

For instance, PM Blair could have addressed his audience by indicating how murderous, mercantilistic, colonialistic, imperialistic and exploitative the policies of his own homicidal nation were at the expenses of the rest of mankind these past four hundred years. PM Blair could have shed light on the annals of history written by the British in their continuous, insistent and persistent subjugation of the black men in Africa, the brown men in India, the yellow men in China and the red men in the Americas. He could have pointed out and shed his ministerial light, in the name and for the sake of that renown European spirit of autocriticism you make reference to, on all the murders, the assassinations, the enslavement, the thefts, the destruction, the rapes, the burnings and the lynchings inflicted by the British Armies and by the people of Great Britain - 'great' only in name but not in deeds - throughout the centuries on all people of the planet and in the name of God, Queen and Country!

And then, and only then, after having shed the real truth on the foundations of the British Empire and of its Dominions, only then PM Blair could have proffered his remark that - specifically in the name of peace and fraternity that unites all people of the world today - he would not want Arabs and Jews to do to each others what his own forefathers and countrymen did to everybody else.

But unfortunately, my dear Colonel, PM Blair did not phrase his remarks this way. And hence it is difficult to take him at face value - just like it is difficult to take at face value your own idyllic view of the history of Europe.

We are all bad, bad boys my dear Colonel ... except that some of us are worse.

Shy Luigi

Colonel Ivanjoan Pinilla

Well dear Luigi, seems that we come to a possibly interesting point! and I am not being sarcastic. I don't know if you have any complex about your european-italian identity, but not me at all. And after all I can't understand what is your problem with americans? It seems you got a nice amount of prejudices to constraint your mind.

You miss completely the point. Let's take the example of IRA. I guess you don't know what it is and was. You have never been in Belfast or Dublin. You have never talked to people in those places. In the heart of the issue there is not a religious confrontation, is about politics and power. Of course, there's religion to blame... as an excuse. That is the point. No extended fundamentalism is in Europe with few exceptions like the former Iugoslavia, and they are well documented (who will remember the million of Tootsies killed in just one summer?). One can be xenophob, but fundamentalism is never the rule here and no God can be the chief of a state. A democracy can not be fundamentalist countries in the middle east, including the sionist.
That is the abyss I was talking about. There is funny agitated people that talk about things like 'Eurabia' in an eugenesic
racist way, but it is so evident that they know not a thing about Europe! He will never understand that an european muslim will
never be like an arabian one, and so and so... the problem is that they don't care about truth. They just go where they think everbody repeat their schemes to hear themselves... so far from the real world! I hope you are not.
And it is not about nationalities but the living people that has one or other character. You'll know a bit of history of romans to remember the prosecution of christians during centuries, close to extinition, treated for the empire as a dangerous sect, horrifiyingly massacred, slaved, etc About religion? Best profit took Constantine of christian faith in the right moment... and christianity dominated the world and that is not casual, as it is not casual that judaism survive. Must we christians declare war to Italy? Such a stupid thing! Muslims occupied 800 most of Spain... must we blame moroccoans? They are neightbours, not enemies, unless they do the things that enemies does and that is a distinction to do. Some terrorists are muslims, but it is false that muslims are terrorist...ETArras are terrorist, but not basques... will spanish army bomb the basque county?.

I do know quite well history and facts and wars, art and thoughs, and that means an effort to study it and confront it from several corners, several sources, real experience, communities, paradigms, books, newspapers... blogs. And anyone
instructed can read you do not. I guess because for you there's only one truth and I'm shure you'll never believe
on other's posesion, after God, that the people of Israel. That is really sad and, of course, it is a prejudice. If not, you have got lost between lines.
You just vomit data, like this cite of St Agustin, but don't know a thing of what his real message was in the time
he lived. Or do you pretend to lead a real
discussion to somewhere with this uncontextualized and drained words? Talk about the present, that is something
presented here that can be debated, and please do not fall into pedantry, I can also be sometimes but this makes dialectics impossible, so getting nowhere and I dont want to.

Understanding something so simple as respect and value to others, (even if they are your life or death enemies to face) is a big door to this world.
No one hates you much that yourself and this is really an inconvenient truth. You could critisize with contemporary and biased eyes the actions of popes and catholic powers along centuries, gouvernements, etc. but you'll never understand, let's say, the sixtine chapel if you don't know the bible. Nor what is Munich, no what was Granada, not what is the Cister, nor what was hospitality order, nor about nor what was Greece and myths, you loose so much... and the same if you do not know Coran or Boddhidharma.
...but of course you don't need it, becouse you count with God, i'nnit?

temperate ivanjoan, waiting for an interesting reply.


What a stupid article. This guy needs to get out of his shell and live in the real world.

Mitzi Alvin

It's a tried and true recipe. When sharks surround the boat, throw them a Jew.

Luigi Frascati

To Colonel Pinilla, a.k.a. ivanjoan:

So, what's the 'possibly interesting point' you are talking about - that you are a bigot? I already know that, but perhaps you don't ... so let me prove it to you.

Michael Freund in his post merely observes that Tony Blair has sought to convince whoever was willing to listen at the banquet, that all the problems that afflict the Islamic World and the Middle East in this day and age somehow stem out from and arise out of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Michael goes further to cite other areas of crisis in the Muslim World, such as Darfur in the Sudan or Morocco where people die like flies on a daily basis and in quantities far, far larger than those of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and thus wonders where the legitimacy of any such connection lies in Tony Blair's remarks. Which obsevation and statement of fact do not make a wrinkle, any which way you look at them.

And yet, what is your opening remark? Here, let me refresh your memory: "Bad, bad boys... So the source of all problems are again europeans?".

Nowhere in his post Michael Freund states that, in his views, "the source of all problems are again europeans". In fact, it seems to me that Dr. Freund in his post is treating Europe in a far more honorable fashion than Europe, in my own views, otherwise deserves to be treated. It is specifically this kind of intolerance of anyone's creed and intransigence towards any belief that differs from your own - in this particular instance those of Dr. Freund - that automatically qualifies you as a bigot and which, furthermore, positions yourself in immediate line of succession as Europe's Great Bigot Number Two, right after Europe's Great Bigot Number One - PM Blair. For this is exactly what bigotry is all about.

In light in fact, among other things, of your further non-sensical remark (one of the many) that "And so isarelis are doing the same europeans are accused to do during the world war II...!!!". Well now, little Colonel, isn't this statement of yours a little bit too premature? I did not read anywhere that the great people of Israel have now begun to open up concentration camps, and that they have started rounding up six million Palestinians with the express purpose of gassing them to death with Zyklon B, then pull out their golden teeth, skin up a few to make lamp covers and, finally, throw the rest into crematoriums. All deeds that perhaps your forefathers but, most unfortunately, a few of mine as well have perpetrated, albeit to a far lesser level and scale than those used in Germany. Before we start accusing the Israelis of doing "the same europeans are accused to do during the world war II" let's wait until they actually do it. One of the great precepts of the Roman Code, as you recall, is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty - not the other way around.

But I forgot ... you despise the past. No wonder, all bigots despise their past, merely because they cannot change it. So, therefore, let me oblige you and let's remain in the present tense. You ask whether I have any complexes about my own European and Italian ancestry. Let me answer this way: no I don't, but there is one thing that does actually bother me specifically about my past Italian cultural heritage: hypocrisy. This particular sentiment revamps anytime I read empty statements the likes of:"We are all made of the same material. Everybody." - your concluding line.

This kind of statement becomes empty and meaningless when dispensed solely on one party to a dispute, and not on the other. And Italians, unfortunately, are masters at being one-sided. Meaning that now that you have enlightened a bunch of Jews and one half-Jew with your highly intellectual remark, in all fairness you should also go and enlighten a bunch of Muslims too with the very same highly intellectual remark. And I cannot think of anyone better than President Ahmadi-Nejad of Iran.

Since you read all those many books, newspapers and blogs out there, I am sure you are apprised with the fact that it is not Israel to have called for Iran to be wiped out of the face of this planet but that, rather, it is the other way around. So therefore, to uphold your European sense of fairness and justice or, as you put it somewhat romantically, since "Understanding something so simple as respect and value to others, (even if they are your life or death enemies to face) is a big door to this world.", you should volunteer and open up that big door by addressing President Ahmadi-Nejad in his open virtual forum, and by telling him: "Mr. President, it is not nice that you call for the destruction of Israel because ... 'We are all made of the same material. Everybody'." - and then see what he has to say about it. Once you do that, don't forget to copy us in this blog - I'm sure Michael Freund would like to know the President's response.

I am not trying to be sarcastic here, really - miracles do happen. Perhaps you single-handedly can solve all problems in the Middle East with a single stroke of the pen. Should you ever be successful at that, can you imagine - I bet the Church of Rome would even be willing to change their sacred Trinitarian formula from "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit", into "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of Colonel Pinella".

Last, but not least, let me expend a word about European Muslims and your belief that:" ... an european muslim will never be like an arabian one."

I just so happen to be aware of a fellow who would disagree with you wholeheartedly right here and now: Syed Kamal Shah, the Pakistani Secretary Of The Interior. In an interview released last week Dr. Shah has warned that, according to Pakistani secret sources, some 600 Al-Qaeda fighters are in the process of being dispatched over to Europe to reinforce radical Muslim cells already present there. According to Mr. Shah, the whole idea is to carry out suicide attacks on European targets and on Europeans themselves, and the plan supposedly will unfold in the forthcoming months.

Mr. Shah believes that European Muslims, many of Pakistani descent, "communicate better with and relate more comfortably to people and places back in Pakistan than they do with many elements of European societies". That is so because, again according to Dr. Shah, Islamic extremist ideas find a perfect fertile soil among European Muslims precisely "... because in Europe Muslims are resented and marginalized because their religion is felt [by Europeans] as threatening strong secular values ...".

There you go. Here is a Muslim who says that Europeans are a bunch of bigots - the whole 500 millions of them! Which does not nearly come as a surprise to me, for as I have stated in my prior commentary I know for a fact and by personal, direct experience that Europeans are, in fact, bigots not only towards the Jews, but also towards the Muslims, the Hindus, the Chinese, the People of Easter Island ... Europeans are, have been and always will be the greatest bigots in the entire Solar System !! (Long live Star Trek ...)

So here it is, Mr. Colonel. I will pass the gauntlet to you for one final reply if you care to take it, but must advise that I will be leaving tomorrow for a short but well-deserved vacation, and that I will be unable therefore to respond. As one final remark, let me state that I understand your idealism and that, in a perfect world, I might even appreciate it. But in a world where people fly airplanes into skyscrapers or launch rockets on to innocent civilians in peacetime ... my friend, in such a world idealism does not get you to the end of the day.



Mida Cneged Mida, Eye for an Eye,Tooth for a tooth.

Not many people believe in this anymore,but to see how events unfold never ceases to amaze me at the hand of HaShem,some would call it chance some would call it luck,some would say ''That is how it was meant to be...''and there are those that stand in bewilderment wondering what happened,looking into the sky scratching their heads,Those that sit on the fence watching.....And there are those that love HaShem giving true honour that is due to Him alone...
There are the rebellious,those that instigate rebellion,those that see a way to make an easy killing,those that revel in all the sordity and depravity,those that follow the crowd in all the laughter and frivolity,those that sit on the fence watching ...those that dispise the very name of HaShem being mentioned,corrupting everything that is upright,holy and true. An unclean life,guilt, hate, inffections, instability, unreliability, distrust, dishonesty, lies, disception, insecurity, back stabbing, arrogance, all that is unrighteous unholy and false, war and no hope no future, a man will loath his wife and she will be devoted to herself, a dictorial authority with the father of sin casting his children into the abyss. Offer is not only for the israeli, it is open to the arabs and to all the nations. ''the price for all this???'' rebellion against the Creator.
The only grey area are those that sit on the fence,watching in two minds about everything,never coming to a decision.Midrash has it that the brother of Avraham was in two minds,he perished in the fire of Nimrod ,while he was deciding.
Recently came the decision in the Supreme Court on the registration of Homosexual same sex marriages.The uproar came from the religious leaders,with accusation of destruction of family life.The destruction of family life is ADULTERY, where the husband has no respect for his wife and wanders off with a floosie,or a married floosie cannot be a faithful wife. What a Beeeeee!!!Sodomy, rape, child sex is the ultimate in depravity where all sense of normality has gone. The name Mr Barak came up, having read the article, this article is written, not in defence and not to attack the Supreme Court ruling. Am I sitting on the fence????No! As a person that adheres to the Tanach, I could only come up with ''Mida Cneged Mida'' Giving HaShem the Glory that is due to Him alone.Why???Please read the articles that have been written.What the Rabies had tried to do to an innocent person in secret,behind closed doors, Hashem has declared their condition out in the open. The festering wounds cannot be hidden,they have come to the surface. The Supreme Court were likened unto Sedom by the religious, and yet Sedom KNEW HaShem, and they rejected all that was upright, holy and true, Noah had not long before passed from the earth. So they were aware of His judgement.
Dirty washing on the line,In a yeshiva ''Machlot Zevel''there were sort of Torah classes,everything sort of looked religious.One erev shabbath about ten minutes before candle lighting someone had run out of matches,going to the penimya(room) next door.He knocked on the door,The door opened,in the room were two boys in bed(one bed,gevault!!)with four people gazing on(boys,oi va voi!!!).This person who wanted matches for candle lighting,asked''What are you playing at??''the reply came ''It's our culture'' The person replied ''In Great Britain, our culture is to throw a cold bucket of water over dogs ''Alas England has changed alot, hence the decline of England.This is Sedom,having a guise of religiosity ,underneath murder ,theft ,deceit and every corruption imaginable,It is like the kosher wedding hall, serving liver, with the gravy made from the juices that came out of the liver.The owners crying ''It's what the people want'' Olam Marvet,doesn't it sound like the media??/.One thing on Sedoms side, it did not have the Torah...Where does that leave us????
Who are the witnesses of certain Moronacan Rabies,in their holy work to destroy an individual???? HaShem,The izraeli rabbinute, Qiryat Sefer, Hashishmonim the transport office of public service,bituach leumi,emploment office, Amin maybe Idi should be added,certain people in egged, bank hapoalim and security,and HaShem. Wi wi wi what a web has been woven!, right rabi d'azooli?? and HaShem has seen it all. Staff were changed imformationed altered,all to suppress?? The person remained silent until his very life was in jeopardy. In these articles is a part of what had happened to one individual. HaShem has used the Supreme Court to open the boil that is festering within the religious sector,before His judgement comes. In two years we have murdered 100,000 of our own children by our own hands, some, who are on shelves as the old, new wonder drug calogen. No I am not a doom and gloom merchant but a person who loves the Tanach. If the religious do not abide by HaShem's Word,what hope has the none religious or the gentile.
A well known person in America went out on to the street,with camera and recorder.Interviewing women.Questioning one,he asked '' would you sleep with me for one dollar''The lady replied ''What do you think I am,a Prostitute??''Whaaaat a Tzaaaadikaaaah!!!He raised the price to ten dollars until he reached $500,000 to which she thought and relied ''YES'' The reporter asked ''What is the difference betweeen $1 and $500,000??'' There are those that have prostituted their lives, like a girl asking '' What must I do to be on T.V???''.,greedy for gain being their god, giving up all that HaShem has to offer. ---Tears of Heartache do not have to fall into the wine of adultery and debauchery.----There are those,whose bowl of lentils is $1 --$500,000 or more.
What has HaShem to offer??????A clean life,a clear conscience, love, affection, stability, reliability, trust, honesty, truth, integrity, security, true friendship, humility, all that is upright holy and true, peace and hope a better future, a man will love his wife and she will be devoted to him and to the children, a good governing authority with the Father of creation comforting and encouraging His Children. Offer is not only for the israeli, it is open to the the arabs and to all the nations. ''the price for all this???'' Tshuva(repentance),to return to the ways of HaShem.(Jeremiyah, Yeshiyah, Zechariyah, Hoshiyah Eliyahu etc, etc, etc. not to forget Moshe). Yo!!! Sounds of True Yahadut!!!!! The people of the Lion and King are on their way, so is the Mashiach!!!!!!Even though many religious people do not relish the day nor the hour,and try to postpone the time.boothoos without wisdom.
''For I shall bring them to The Land that I swore to their forfathers,which flows with milk and honey.But!it will eat and grow fat and turn to other gods and serve them.It shall be when many distresses come upon him,then shall this song speak up before him as a witness.For it shall not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring.For I know its inclination,what it does today.Before I bring them to The Land that I have sworn'' HaShem to Moshe to the people .....From Torah......
Before the flood HaShem took all the upright from the earth,will HaShem do the same before He says,enough is enough,and hell is let loose in the earth.Zecharia spoke of the coming siege of Jerusalem,he wrote that those who remain will be tried in fire.May the upright be found worthy as midnight is coming.The brotherhood between Yehudah and israel will be broken.
Shavua Tov

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

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The clouds of war are gathering...Every nation will be required to give an account of the innocent blood that it has spilled.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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