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M. D'Souza

Syria's Pres.Bashar Assad is infected by the hyperbolic rhetoric that comes out of Iran's ToT (Tyrant of Tehran). Compared to the outbursts of fascist energy that comes out of that horse's (ToT's) mouth, one wonders which end of the horse is neighing, when it comes out of Assad.

When Israelis see Assad's show of pumped up energy, and hear his bombastic, boastful words, Israel should realize that it is ToT's evil intention for Israel that is masquerading as Assad.

Israel's ultra-liberal leftists and pacifists will succumb for this bluster. Doesn't Yossi Beilin realize that Syria is a satellite state of Iran? Surrendering the Golan Heights to Syria, for what?...So that Iran could plant irises in the form of rockets on the Golan Heights? Israel has already surrendered S.Lebanon to Iran's other satellite state - Hizbullah. What did Israel get out of that?...bomblets discharged from Katyusha rockets.

The liberals are setting Israel up to be obliterated as a Jewish state. The moral compass of the liberals is out of focus and is topsy-turvy, when recognizing terrorism is concerned. They are ignorant of what the Bible says about Israel, and what is in store for G-D's Chosen People.

Israel needs a G-D fearing leader who will stand firm and not be bullied by the liberals or the terrorists; nor should this leader succumb to the demands of the international community. The prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 seems to be close at hand: Damascus will cease to be a city and it will be a ruinous heap.


I'm in agreement with both the author and comment by M. D'Souza, except the part about these people being "liberals." They call themselves such, and in doing so have hi-jacked the term. Isaiah 5:20 comes to mind.

One of our greatest American minds pretty well summed it up and if I'm allowed to quote him here, he is David Horowitz, and he stated:

"People ask "How can liberals oppose a war which has liberated millions of men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq, and created the most democratic constitution in the history of the Islamic world?" The answer is they can’t Our opponents are not liberals. We are liberal. Our opponents are leftists, accompanied by their fellow travelers. And the name of their desire is the destruction of America and the freedoms that depend on America’s strength."

Likewise, Israel faces the same threat, a very important thing to a great many Americans. We know very well whatever evil fate is intended for Israel is likewise intended for us.

Leftists are the same everywhere. I just read an article on Arutz Sheva by Amil Imani in which he points out the endless violence even within Islam "the religion of peace." Been that way from the beginning. Seems leftists are remarkably similar. When not attacking any outside the fold, they are attacking each other. I won't go into the over 100 million murdered by communists last century (many their own), or even touch on German National Socialists crimes, nor the recent murderous attacks on our friends, Serbs, by leftist socialist Bill Clinton administration, which they attempted to falsely justify by blaming their fellow socialist Slobodan Milosevic. Thousands of innocent Serbs were murdered, millions made refugees in ancestral homelands...looks like Clinton finished what his fellow socialist Hitler began.

We better wake up soon. Not many pockets of us left on Earth. Leftists are no less threat than Islamic terrorists. Evil is evil, it's of no benefit to anyone, but the evil doers to become distracted, assigning it different flavors, endless categories. Why is communist murderer any different than a Nazi, or Hamas or al-Qaeda jihadist? Personally, I see no difference, when others intend your demise, or support, or aid, or approve of those who do, this isn't a good time to fall into a trap of word games.

Times running out, either we all stand together and defeat this evil, or we all will pay the horrific price, a few here, a bunch there, some more over here, and so on, till none are left. As stated, they won't stop by smiling at them, nor by even by going the extra mile helping them murder us, as Clinton did to Serbs.

It's unfortunate things must be this way, however, it's worth remembering this was going on before we were born, and was not our choice. Certainly, like myself you'd chose peace if it was your choice to make. Doesn't change the reality of what's been thrust upon us. They will not stop until given a reason to stop. Until an enemy accustomed to waging war, for instance, learns to hate war, that enemy will continue wage war. Hamas' leader is certain the victory the leftist in America handed the communist in Vietnam will likewise be handed him, as he very clearly stated such.

The socialist has failed to properly pronounce "shibboleth," so many times, they have more than proven they just aren't on our side, but that they are incapable of even learning.

It's a tough call for all of us, I'm sure, my youngest sister came back from college suddenly far above the rest of us reciting the leftist lines to us like a brainless parrot. As much as I love her, I can't protect her from herself at the expense of all of us. What use is defending her now, when if others do the same with theirs, none of us will have anything to defend tomorrow?

Hard choices, like enemies must be faced. If we don't face what must be done and recognize the left for what it is, and deal with them, all this will continue till we are defeated. The leftist goal of socialist utopia is unattainable, if they were capable of learning they'd know that. Regardless, unless we are satisfied to see Hitler's nightmare vision for the world come true, what the left wants is irrelevant.

In case any have forgotten, Hitler stated:

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

Little difficult to find any difference in the current socialist's propaganda. Shouldn't need to remind anyone of the reality of Hitler's vision, nor that Hitler, no different than socialists of today embraced Islamic violence and murder.

Here in America the left complains endlessly about our well deserved aid to Israel, never do they so much as mention the huge aid given Egypt and in doing so the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that was founded by one of Hitler's greatest admirers, and one who served Hitler well. Has anything really changed?

Hamas' is confident the left will hand them victory, remove that possibility, and that would quickly change. The Crux is the left.

Hard choices must be faced and made soon. If anyone thinks the choice can be ignored any longer I implore them to examine history. For over four centuries Christian and Jew in Balkans suffered under Islam.

An old Serb saying is worth note: "Bolje grob nego rob." roughly: better dead than slave.

Certainly, Jews are the last people who should need a lecture on being enslaved. We'll get what we deserve if we put off hard choices now in exchange for many times harder choices later.

My apologies for my lengthy comment. It's a little difficult to express anything so important in a few words.

Best wishes,

Luigi Frascati

Good evening Mr. Freund,

I held back commenting on your current post, pending the results of the mid-term elections in Washington, which are now known the world over. The Democrats newly-found control of the House led by a leftist Speaker the likes of Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.), the Democrats almost absolute control of the Senate (D-50, R-49 with Virginia still up for grabs as of this writing), and the appointment to the position of Secretary of Defense of former CIA boss Robert Gates (1991-1993) all lead me to believe that Mossad and the IDF are entirely correct, but only for one respect: they anticipiate a crisis with Syria to peak next Summer. I disagree. I anticipate a military confrontation with Syria to take place either in December, 2006 or January, 2007.

Either way, I believe it is wise for the Israeli people to start bracing themselves now for war with Syria at a fairly short notice. Let me explain here my position in terms that anyone can easily understand.

With the House (money) in the hands of the Democrats and the Senate (legislative power) also in the hands of the Democrats, the Republican White House is now set on a collision course. Iraq - or better, the fumbled policies of Donald Rumsfeld in post-war Iraq - have been the most important point of attrition in these mid-term elections. Whether the US will subdivide Iraq into military districts or will begin implementing a phased withdrawal of its military is yet to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that the White House will come under more intense scrutiny in the forthcoming weeks, and that the Bush Administration will literally be put under the microscope.

The greater the political heat on the White House because of Iraq, the greater the need for the Administration to try to find an alternative source to deviate the attention of both the American voters as well as of the international community. Nothing better than another war would fit the bill. There are at present three hot spots in the world, which classify as primary candidates: Korea, Iran and ... Syria.

Korea is not viable because of its proximity to China, and because there are only 35,000 US soldiers facing some 1 million North Koreans troops. Additionally, an incident in the Korean peninsula would mean the deployment of additional and substantial US troops - which is exactly what the Administration is trying to avoid. Iran also is not a viable target, because of its proximity to Iraq and Afghanistan, and because again it would involve a direct US military intervention. All of which, therefore, leaves Syria.

A war with Syria has a great many advantages from the Administration viewpoint. First and foremost it would be fought by Israelis, not by the Americans. Secondly, it would capture the attention of everybody in a much larger scale than what the match between Israel and Hizbollah did this past summer. Third, the Democrats could not accuse the Administration of anything, and in fact the Bush White House would position itself as the primary peace broker - pretty much like Secretary Rice did this past July - thus beginning the process on the part of the Republicans to try to earn once more the trust and respect of the American electorate in light of the 2008 presidential elections. Fourth, nobody in North America likes Assad, Nasrallah or, much less, Amadi-Nejad and again Democrats could not find any political platform to attack the Administration especially if Israel would weaken or, perhaps, get rid of at least one of them (Assad). In fifth position, an Israel that would weaken Syria militarily would greatly contribute to the Administration solo war against terrorism. Sixth, Arab countries could not blame America if one of their own was attacked. It's Israel once again, always Israel ... Seventh, Israel can definitely win a military confrontation with Syria even today, albeit at a price, without many more war contributions from America in terms of military equipment, parts and munitions. And last, but not least, everybody would forget about Iraq.

Now, isn't this a plan! A plan which only the old Bush could conceive, surrounded by his old aids ... James Baker and Bob Gates ....

So, therefore, I prognosticate a war between Israel and Syria in the forthcoming weeks, a war that could be precipitated by perhaps a border incident or whatever other excuse that could be blamed on Syria, for right or wrong - how about taking some more Israeli soldiers hostages, for example ... or a fake attack on UNIFIL or on Israeli border troops coming from beyond the Syrian border. Whatever it is, it would have to be an incident that Israel simply could not resist .....

Bottom line is - and please do not take this final remark of mine on a personal level, as I know you were born in the United States - that American voters, by shifting so much to the left, somehow believe that the world is now or will become a safer place, while nothing could be farther for the truth. Which point simply proves once again, that Americans do not know shit from shinola when it comes to international politics ...

All the best.

steve peled

as i posted here previously, the main focus is on the re-occupation 0f gaza.again the question is asked, by whom?at this point, we have no political will that would involve us.there has been a european inquiry ,not yet a real effort, and i wouldnt cooount out egypt or the arab league.as in lebanon, its intent is to give depth to the theatre of operations for the idf,decreasing it and encumbering our response ability.just enough to slow us down in encounters to minimize casualties.whether this israeli government is prepared to allow this to happen is anybodies guess.my best guesstimate is that an invasion from the sea-side of gaza be considered.we definetly have a number of advantages operating from that theatre.israel must act soon, or there will occur a number of security breaches in the border around gaza, that will not be so easy to plug up.for the first time, large areas of the negev down to jericho will be proone to attack from the north.new forms of pressure should be applied immediately,and security in the negev quickly increased too


The Ten Commandments,I have written much on the importance of these commandments.But!What is so important about them??All they are,are letters on a piece of paper or claf.Why!do these spread more fear than any horror movie?or anger even hatred??What about the undying love that these same letters can give,not the love of the media which is a pornography show on the screen.What has the world to fear from these black letters on a piece of specially treated cow hide,resulting in the media spreading fear on a daily basis from picking your nose to the end of the world.Then on the otherside of the coin it propergates every act that destroys the fabric of society(catch 22).
But!but!what about the nature programmes???and the science programmes???and the historical programmes and,and.???And!do you not know that everyone of these programmes say that your origins are from a monkey,and the universe was formed from a big bang.And,do you not know it is bad grammer to start a sentence with and????Sorry Miss Silk,Teacher, if I throw all the letters up in the air will they fall and create a sentence on what I want to say,before I think it???A person is programmed to believe the world was created millions of years ago.And,it was created by the word''Ommmmm''in three part harmony,or was it ''Ummmmm''or''Daaaaaaaa''And,back to the drawingboard.It seems that the media is rewriting history in all aspects be it nature to historical in content.What is so important about changing times and laws??It all comes down to suppression of a person to a people.destroy the foundation ,you destroy the whole building.
I remember when Mrs Thatcher came into power,how redundances began,people losing jobs.The catch phrase of that time was ''On Your Bike''.Families were broken up as the husband had to travel away to find work.Great Britain being a thriving community began to decline.The health system went for the chopping block,the envy of the nations gutted.People kept losing their jobs,and statistics were rewritten.I remember saying that her polices will create the next generation of fascists.The media would often make fun of the Queen of England,and how England should have bombed the camps of Germany,and what a drunk Sir W.Churchill was.The media would instigate rebellion or sway to who ever provided them with a scoop.Welcome to my world jim,which the moguls have created,fascism is on the rise,and the systems are closing down on the undesirables,phoxy toi vi have your cameras ready you may have birds eye front row seat in the holiday camps.Before the King comes not larry,gevault not even Elvis.''Beware not to anger the king' A good job on the Prince by embarrassing him before England.Haman is probably laughing in his grave.
As a coach driver,a once in a lifetime incident occurred.The Queen was visiting the area.And the coach company I worked for were responsible for the transporting of dignataries also the Queens security guards.Having seen what happens to protect the Queen.I came to admire the Queen as she had come to a place filled with the IRA.During this time I heard the story of a protestant priest,as he sat by the fire the door knocked.His church being in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.On opening the door he gazed into the bleak winter scene ,and there stood the Queen Mother,surprised at seeing her he was left speechless.In a cold winter evening she had come to his home.As she stood there she gently said ''I came to study G-ds Word''.No guards no entourage accompaning her.These are the people the media has tried to demoralise.Mr W. Churchill had he bombed the camps of Germany during the war.England would have been paying for the mistake until today,and Churchill would have been accused of being anti-sehmetic.With Mrs Thatcher in her debut in the HaAretz I was horrified to read that her programme that began the decline of England was fathered by an economist,England lost Gehenom Gained,the father of the coming halocaust.So many people have been made redundant,When they could have been an asset to the community.Right Amin without the Idi..or is it Eti.never mind it's not important.
The banks are doing all they can to strangle a person into debt.Last I heard,that which was a right for every citizen,to hold an account,is going to have to pay 10 pounds a month to have a current account.The Government is powerless,and the daylight robbery continues(gezel).It won't be long before a person will have to pay to breathe.R.F.I.D.T. isn't that a telephone company????.Carbon Dioxide co2 being the cause of global warming,Don't breathe too hard,you'll be fined.''What ever happened to implanting more trees?''Noooo I don't want you walking around with a tree on your head. The world has the resources for everyone and many times over.Their is enough room for every person on the globe,and room for many more.The war mongers want the cake plus the cherry on the top.including the tablecloth,table and carpet etc.etc.etc.
There was a group from Holland,(Rheumafond)They came over on KLM Airlines,our coaches had special permission to go on the runway to collect the people and transfer them to their Hotel.The people had Rheumatism,arthritus and just needed assistance.On one occasion at the hotel as the people boarded the coach,a driver behind began blowing the car horn,disturbing the passengers.I explained to the driver the situation,having apologised for blocking the lane I returned to the passengers,his horn began to blow again(He was not an Izraeli)Approaching him I said to him ''I hope you are never in the same situation''and walked away.The horn stopped.(definately not Izraeli).Only afterwards was it explained to me that the driver was one of the wealthiest people in the area,his work---Arms Dealing. He cared for the sick as much as he cared for the people his weapons killed.Annddddd we are told to worry about co2...If this ever reaches the head of Rheumafond,send my regards,we had many good and funny times.That's if they still remember me.
If your care is for Israel,and you call yourself a Zionist(Biblically)One who is waiting for the true redemption.Let us go back to the Ten Commandments.1..You shall love HaShem your G-d with alllllll your being.All your dirty laundry you will have to clean,all the skeletons in the cupboard you will have to throw out.If your a lier you will have to learn to tell the truth.Knowing who the creator is,caring for His creation.,understanding that every human on the face of this earth is HaShems creation even those that have caused so much pain and irrepairable damage and think they're wise.In HaShems Eyes There Is No Yehudi,Israeli Or Gentile every wrong doer will receive his just punishment because of his own choices.The clouds of war are gathering...Every nation will be required to give an account of the innocent blood that it has spilled.The cruelty and oppression that has been perpertrated in the name of religion.''If they were my enemies,I would have known what to do.But!they were my equals''David never forgot those that did him harm..........................The people of the Lion and King will come upon the land.
True Zionism HaShem will set up,when true freedom will reign to worship the King of all kings.The foundation of the Earth.The one who gave The Ten Commandments.The buck stops with HaShem...
''For I shall bring them to The Land that I swore to their forfathers,which flows with milk and honey.But!it will eat and grow fat and turn to other gods and serve them.It shall be when many distresses come upon him,then shall this song speak up before him as a witness.For it shall not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring.For I know its inclination,what it does today.Before I bring them to The Land that I have sworn''
Our enemies are rises because we are wandering away.
Shabbat Shalom........

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.


ttle fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget o

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The clouds of war are gathering...Every nation will be required to give an account of the innocent blood that it has spilled.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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