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"Indeed, how many more rockets will it take for our leadership to realize that the only way to stem the violence is to hunt down its perpetrators, rather than negotiate with them?"
Oh about a million! Or one - if it lands on a certain building in Jerusalem, G-d forbid!

M. D'Souza

Ceasefire to Hamas means: Kassam FIRE never CEASES.
The solution to this should be: Israel FIRES until Kassams CEASE.

If Israel enters Gaza to get rid of Kassam rocket launching sites, weapons-storage depots and terrorist training sites, let it not be - to take one step forward and then retreat two steps backwards, when PM Olmert's spine shrinks.

Olmert is only interested in international adulations regarding his ceasefire agreements. Dr. Condi Rice gave him some good patting with Con dolce (meaning 'with sweetness' in Italian), for his restraint against Hamas terror. Israelis should forget about any action ordered by Olmert, in response to the terror attacks.

Luigi Frascati

What you correctly refer to as the "...futility of relying on wishful thinking ..." is becoming unfortunately more and more common as a political theme both in the United States as well as in Europe.

For instance, this past week former President Jimmy Carter has showed up on our TV screens to promote his latest diatribe book entitled “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”, wherein the former President reiterates his vision of a Middle East full of democratic Palestinians throwing roses instead of bombs, and wherein he further points out the only reason that has not happened yet is because of the apartheidistic and discriminatory policies enacted by Israel as against the Palestinians. Moreover he has restated, once again, his long-standing political views of not punishing the Palestinians, not punishing the Lebanese, not punishing the Arabs in general, or the Muslims, or the Iranians, or just about anyone else ... only the Israelis.

Jimmy Carter has gone further to outline the oppressive record of Israel when it comes to the handling of the Palestinians, the existential right the Palestinians have to exist as a nation, and even the fact that (you and your readers are not going to believe this) … "since 2004 Hamas has not committed a single act of terrorism"!! Evidently Mr. Carter, in his twilight years, does not read the newspapers. He has also conveniently avoided to point out how the mistaken foreign policies of his Administration were the single biggest contributory cause of the Hostage Crisis of 1979 in Tehran, of the return of Khomeini and the establishment of the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iran.

But be as it may be, it is becoming more and more evident that another crisis is in the making now as pointed out also in the link of your post. With the difference being that it will probably mature well before next Summer – as early as this coming January, in fact, perhaps even sooner.

M. D'Souza

Ex.Pres.Carter would be accurate if he envisioned a Middle East full of Democratic Palestinians throwing candy, dancing and celebrating in the streets, with every Arab terror attack that was successful, due to restraint shown by 'peace-licks' like himself.

His anti-Israel diatribe on ABC, Nov.27,06, was DISGUSTING!!! In his book (chapter 17) he mentions about his 1979 speech to the Israeli Knesset, "The people support a settlement. Political leaders are the obstacles to peace."

It's no wonder that Islamic terrorists are emboldened by such political dinosaurs who lumber abroad, at every chance they get, to deride the US and its ally Israel.

This is what he says: 'The United States is squandering international prestige and goodwill and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories."

It's high time Carter retired from giving political discourses, writing false history and make a fool of himself because of his ignorance.


Tanach,The Book Above All Books
Midnight is on it's way,and there's only one way to run.So many are to die because of mans pride and prejudice.Has sin reached it's peak and the cries of the afflicted entered into the ears of HaShem?Surely HaShem will not play the three monkeys.He sees,He hears and He declares the truth,There are those that instigate the bloodshed,when anyone speaks up,immediately they are quitened,and the very ones that try to quieten the crying voice think that HaShem has not heard.The blood that is being spilt daily,like Cain they think the Creator does not see,The cruel think that HaShem cannot speak His judgements.
The gentilest people I have encountered in my time here are from Ethiopia,a people that had respect in Ethiopia who longed to return home,only to find pain and heartache.People mistook their innocence,and tried to corrupt them,while their elders looked on helpless.I thank HaShem that the coming of The People of the Lion and King will not be controlled.There will be no one to go out and proclaim that they have discovered the Tribe of Yehudah.The people of the Lion and King will not be demoralised and made to feel less than human.They will not need to comply with the deceit that is so prevalent in the land of HaShem.Nor go through the degradation that the people of Ethiopia go through.
HaShem Himself will declare the authenticity of the people of the Lion and King,with the stamp of Kingship.The power will be shifted to the coming King.True justice will reign.A clean life,a clear conscience, love, affection, stability, reliability, trust, honesty, truth, integrity, security, true friendship, humility, all that is upright holy and true, peace and hope a better future, a man will love his wife and she will be devoted to him and to the children, a good governing authority with the Father of creation comforting and encouraging His Children. Offer is not only for the israeli, it is open to the the arabs and to all the nations.
It is written that the wealth of the nations shall flow into Yerushalaim,If one thinks that this is for selfish personal indulgence,then the mark is missed.The nations will say ''Let us go to Yerushalaim where truth dwells''If all this wealth is for the selfish, then truth does not abide in the City of HaShem.Maybe many with this vain of thought will not survive the seige.Today,there are many arabs and gentiles that study the ''Bible''Who is there that will teach the truth to them??The yeshiva students corrupt their thoughts and wander off laughing at the good work they have done,and proclaim them as heathens,with the blessing of their teachers.
Like Avraham they have a teacher that will teach them the way of truth,if they seek HaShem with a pure upright heart,HaShem will create in them a clean heart,and renew an upright spirit.Our jealousy will rise because we will have seen the fruits of righteousness in the ones that we have degraded.We will see in them the workings of HaShem that should be ours by birthright.We have sold our birthright for a bowl of dollars,and with digits in a computer we think we have HaShems blessing,being slaves to our lusts.
The Cohenim were to be the Priests of HaShem.The most upright dugma to the arabs and the nations is Borass alias Cohen,and Dunit internationally,maybe they should get married with the blessing of the izraeli rabi'dnute,I'm sure they will find a rabi d'posek to agree,rabi d'azooli maybe a good candidate or pillock.They can all live happily ever after together.
As a taxi driver,three people entered the vehicle.They laughed and joked,one spoke up and commented that he knew someone with an article from WW2,gayfully in intricate detail describing the part of a women that was made into a purse.My anger welled up within me,as they mocked the unfortunate israeli.I reacted by slamming on the brakes and ordering them out of the taxi.Bewildered they asked''Mah qarah??''in english.My reply was that it is idiots like you that cause wars!! If we behave no different borass and dunit just to name two.Am I, to change my attitude?? and say''look at those angels,don't they go sooo well together???banthe pagle han,boothoos.quchni samge han....
Is it right to send in sort of a hit squad into an unsuspected crowd to corrupt any good they have learn't by studying the ''Bible''and then call them names.
The Tanach is the most accurate His-story book that we possess.So that the world may know the truth.Even if Moshe came today,and said''I say there chaps,I made a mistake,the last book I wrote don't take literally,and by the way the six days of creation,is not really the way it happened.There are a few other mistakes but I can't pinpoint them at the present.''We would be blind trying to teach the way of truth.Shlomo wrote study to prove to yourself the word of HaShem is true.All of creation declares the beauty of the creator and proves He exists.HaShem himself said ''Prove me''As the world wanders off into the twilight world of virtual reality,the beauty of creation is set aside.
May we learn to build the nations in the purity and with the fear of HaShem the way of Torah.Midnight is on it's way.I'm not waiting for the midnight hour,not if I can help it!!But! Alas it is not in my hands.
Shabbat Shalom
Pritt Sehmi........


Our enemies will rise as we wander further away from all that is true Torah

Ben Plonie

Every Arab attack, rocket or other that goes unanswered is by definition a permanent event. Every Jewish one in context of restraint and stated surrender of principle and land is by definition a temporary event. It doesn't matter if we shoot and bomb them if we are definitely leaving the land.

Solution, after an unambiguous announcement, Israeli responses must be permanent disarmament and annexation of a significant portion of strategic land for every attack by Arabs. And if Gaza can can attack for actions in Judea, then Israeli reprisals can equally take place in Judea for Gaza, and we chew and swallow the whole thing before the Messiah so be it.

jezree hutton

The tragedy of history is that it repeats itself unequivocally. It hurts me to say deeply that its going to come a time that Israel will have to take such an unrelenting action in order to protect itself and bring the order needed to the region that all the nations are going to be aghast at the site of such determination by Israel long needed! Then the world is going to accuse us of genocide of the Palestinians when in truth we are the ones withstanding extreme genocide still. Meditate on this!

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.


ttle fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget o

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"The Holy One, Blessed be He, commanded us to live there," she says. "It is a mitzva, and it is one that my ancestors have been waiting for so long to fulfill. I am happy that we are now finally going to do so."
And so, I might add, are we.

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The clouds of war are gathering...Every nation will be required to give an account of the innocent blood that it has spilled.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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