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Luigi Frascati

TO Rev. Kevin S. Johnson:

I appreciate your time and comments. Thank you.

Donna Paschal

Dear Dr. Finklestein,
Are you of the opinion that it is impossible for a Christian to love anyone other than a fellow Christian...or is it just plumb impossible for a Christian to love at all? Have not Jews and Christians linked hearts and hands together throughout the past two thousand years to fight hatred and injustice?

I am a 69 year old Christian woman and of sound mind. It appears quite evident to me that Michael Freund is a good man seeking to find help for his fellow countrymen. He is asking such an easy thing. Only that Christians here in America reach out to our President in support of the defense of Israel...and for our prayers.

He not asking for Christians to send their sons and daughters to fight on Israeli soil, but if that plea should ever come ...we will do just that. My two grown sons have often spoken of their willingness to fight alongside you. They are strong good men and they will fight to win. You would be wise to welcome them, Doctor..not push them away. There are millions of others just like them...young Christian men and women...citizens of countrys all around the world who will cross many seas to defend you. Not just your land...sand and dirt..they will come to help you, sir. Israel is not alone. The same Christians who bend their knees in prayer will come.

Upon one thing I do agree with you wholeheartedly...Israel's greatest hope is in trusting G-d. He is all we both truly have..Christian and Jew.


Dear Rev Kevin Johnson and Donna Paschal: You took the words right out of G-d's mouth! Thank you for putting into words the very thoughts of my heart concerning Israel. I love Israel and will continue to support her both in prayer and financially. BTW, Zechariah 14 was this morning's Scripture while I was having my coffee. Mrs Dina R Saenz

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

Timberland Boots

"The Holy One, Blessed be He, commanded us to live there," she says. "It is a mitzva, and it is one that my ancestors have been waiting for so long to fulfill. I am happy that we are now finally going to do so."
And so, I might add, are we.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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