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M. D'Souza

Nuclear technology for 'peaceful purposes' for the adherents of the 'religion of peace'! That will sure lead to a veritable Dante's Inferno with seven tiers -- Iran being at the very bottom of the cauldron, and the rest of the Arab nations that are racing towards it, placed on tiers above.

None of these Middle Eastern nations need nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy. They are virtually wallowing in the black-gold sludge beneath their feet. If their oil technology of the British and American era are now outdated, why can't they use solar energy? What's their purpose of pursuing nuclear energy, other than for destruction and annihilation? Whom do they want to destroy?...It's the US! Whom do they wish to annihilate?...It's Israel.

Fuses blow up in the Islamic nations at the snap of a finger. That being the case, the atomic Ayatollahs and the nuclear nutcase of a president of Iran should be restrained from achieving their goals, before their nuclear bomb becomes a reality, and their bombs keep rolling down their production line.

Even before Israel, they will strike the US -- Khomeini's Great Satan. They will try to bring down the US economy and our defenses, just as the adherents of the 'religion of peace' attempted on 9/11, in their crude and barbaric manner. Iran has grandiose plans to try again. They will use EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) to disrupt the US and take it back to the era without modern amenities of communication, rapid response, etc. It will then be easier for them to strike Israel -- the Little Satan -- in one swipe, without the fear of the American retaliation.

To avoid this scenario, it is in the interest of the Western world, to send Iran back to the 7th century where it intends to live in. Either the dissident Iranians should take it upon themselves to stop the mad mullahs and their nuclear nutcase of a president, in their race towards destruction. If they don't do it, the rest of the world should take it upon themselves to save humanity, that lives within Iran's crossfires. Not only that, we should also stop this nuclear proliferation among hostile nations.


What in this world is Israel waiting for?
Pray to the Almighty God , PREPARE YOUR
BOMBS and flatten IRAN and Syria.

CR  Dougherty

Many people of the USA have great regret that we helped armed the enemies of Israel. We also know that Saudi Arabia has taught children in the USA and their state schools at home real trash, so far from the truth the it is a laugh and hate filled, to all man.


Actually, as we have seen here in Israel, the dollar is already being slowly destroyed. In the year 2006, my exchange has gone from 4.5+ to 4.18 or less at the money changers. My landlord has changed my new rental contract to NIS from dollars. China has been slowly dumping US dollars to avoid huge losses, but when some Central Bank panics and dumps, China and other Central Banks will bite the bullet and dump to avoid higher losses. The change engineered by Iran and Venezuela to the EU standard for the Oil Industry rather that the dollars they had been holding brings this scenario about. Note: GW has sent the highest collection of "Officials" (Govt. Wheeler Dealers) to plead with China to hold dollars. What can we possibly offer them as a bribe to hold off? They have threatened to "Nuke" us over Taiwan already. So our demise is in their favor. Chavez is now holding the Worlds largest supply of oil at the price of at least $60 dollars a barrel He wants to destroy us also. Dollar destruction, invasion by Barbarians, and PC correctness, ("Thou Shalt Not Offend Anyone!" [Except Christians & Jews]) is an easier route that fighting the US Armed Forces. G-D Help US!

Pritt Sehmi

Facing up to reality (part 1)
Yehudi,israeli and the gentile,the gentile we know are all the nations consisting of the west,asians and africans.The israeli is the melting pot of the tribes that went into diaspora.The yehudi are the people of the Lion and King. Midrash says that in the time of Nimrod,in the building of the tower three types of people existed,All were one people one language,but three distinct types.Those that wanted to destroy the gates of heaven,those that wanted to place their idols in heaven,and those that wanted to kill HaShem.Each group received the punishment for their kind,The European race,the asiatic race ,and the african race.,the separating of the nations also brought about the multitude of languages.Evolution goes out of the window and is a fantasy,the african people are no more inferior than any other nation.Only through false teaching and oppression and the slave trade, were they deprived to excel as a people group.
The israeli also a by product of Bavel,is a mixture of people with intergration among the tribes that very few people know exactly which tribe they are from.The pogroms,insurrections and crusades which consisted of pillaging,rape and murder,left its mark with many children without a father.In the interim periods the rabbies decided to make the linage through the female as they knew who the mother was...Do the pure tribes exsist????yes ....Where??? HaShem knows!!The law was passed that this peoples group will be called israelis...and it is this group that has begun the return.With the Cohen and Levi.
Yehudi as the name states is the tribe of the Lion and King,is also a by product of the Tower generation.In HaShems mercy this tribe has not gone through the pogroms and insurrections nor the rape,but it has gone through wars,and the wars are recorded.They know that they are the people of the Lion and King..From the destruction of the first Temple and Diaspora in Persia (Iran) the people fled to India.The people kept a strict code to marry within the people group. The lineage has always been through the Father,as with the Cohen and the Levi.In recorded history the religious have tried to place their idols in the place of worship and almost succeeded,then rose a person who threw the idols out...This people, as stated will be revealed by HaShem in the seige of Yerushalaim.As it is until this day the lineage is through the father......
The birth of Avraham in Bavel,heralded a new generation.Avraham had Ishmail as the eldest son through the servant girl Hager.Then came Itzaak the promise seed through Sarah,The angel of HaShem promised Hager that Ishmail will be blessed.HaShem promised Avraham that Itzaak will be the promised seed,as it is this today,Midrash explains that in the latter years of Avraham, Ishmail accepted the lineage of his brother Itzaak....Itzaak bore two children --Jacov and Esav it is written HaShem loved Jacov and hated Esav.The two brothers went their separate ways. Jacov married Leah ,and bore directly from Leah seven children --Reuven, Shimeon, Levi, Yehudah, Zevulun, Issachar and Dinah..From Zilpah the servant girl came Gad and Asher......Rachel bore two children Yoseph and Benyamin, from her servant girl Bilhah were Dan and Naphtali..These are brothers until this day...And yet!! the brotherhood between the people of the Lion and King and Israel will be broken...(Zech)
Does this mean that the nations are not important?????Far from it!!!Every child is the creation of HaShem a world of his/her own,with dreams and hopes...Does this lineage of Israel derived from the servant girls make the four tribes anyless important????Far from it!!!It proves without a doubt that every nation is precious in the sight of HaShem...No being has the right to degrade HaShems creation...and with pride and arrogance lord it over another...
Does this mean that the people of the Lion and King are more important than Israel???Far from it!!!Yet it is written that The people of the Lion and King will rise before all the tribes of Israel,even before the house of David.Bless the name of HaShem The Lion of the tribe of Yehudah will take His rightful throne....and everyone will have to give an account of their deeds....Those that oppress and enslave individuals to nations.
The final halocaust is on its way and the people are blinded by greed...and the lust for ill gotten gain and pleasure.The Iraqi war is not about the shi-ite or any other ite,it is a war for power control over oil....as it is in Russia..Those who control the wealth of a nation think they control every individual R.F.I.D.T ,they think they control the food distribution!!!!R.F.I.D.T. How wrong !!!!They do not even control their own lascivious desires.
Real Farce In Digital Telecommunications.........
Shabbat Shalom
Pritt Sehmi.....................
Facing up to Reality Cont.

John Wayne

Another Zionist plea to destroy lives (Arab, Persian, whatever) using AMERICAN lives, for the benefit of...who?

You are among the darkest and most unrelentingly violent and destructive people on G-d's Green Earth.

And you call this "love"?

Read your Holy Books again. And pray -- Good Lord, Pray on your knees! -- for wisdom.

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the world is setting the stage for a mad arms race throughout the entire region, as country after country seeks to protect itself from the threat posed by atomic ayatollahs.

It should be clear what this would mean – not only for the safety and security of Israel, but for that of the entire Western world.

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It should be clear what this would mean – not only for the safety and security of Israel, but for that of the entire Western world.

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

Timberland Boots

"The Holy One, Blessed be He, commanded us to live there," she says. "It is a mitzva, and it is one that my ancestors have been waiting for so long to fulfill. I am happy that we are now finally going to do so."
And so, I might add, are we.

Md.Shah Alam

Europe,america, can have right nuclear but middle can not to have it is not right. American peoplees are beach. I pray to Allah Irina will have nuclear weapon power.

Md.Shah Alam

Europe,america, can have right nuclear but middle can not to have it is not right. American peoplees are beach. I pray to Allah Irina will have nuclear weapon power.

Md.Shah Alam

Europe,america, can have right nuclear but middle can not to have it is not right. American peoplees are beach. I pray to Allah Irina will have nuclear weapon power.


Europe,america, can have right nuclear but middle can not to have it is not right. American peoplees are beach. I pray to Allah Irina will have nuclear weapon power.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

Iranian opinion

بسم الله الرحمان الرحیم
مردم و دولت ایران هیچ بمبی برای مقابله با هیچکس لازم ندارند.ما خدایی بزرگ داریم که کودکی 13 ساله پرورش میدهد که از هر بمبی برای شما خطرناک تر است.

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