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Mr. Freund you are living in some kind of dreamworld which exists only in your mind. I was an evangelical xian for over thirty years. Hello! The word evangelical has the same root as evangelize!! I know what they tell you to your face and also what they say behind your back. You wouldn't be privy to this information never having been on the other side. Your grasping for these people and their so-called friendship is not only humiliating and degrading, it is going to accomplish exactly the opposite of your stated goal. The more you feel that you must rely on anyone other than the G-d of Israel, the more likely that someone is to turn their back on you.

The Jewish prophets tell us that in the end of days---these days, Mr Freund---Israel will not have any friends, and will be able to rely on no one save her Father in Heaven. You see, these evangelicals believe that Israel must go through these difficult times in order to reach the point of accepting the xian savior-who-cannot-save; the prophets foretold it, it's G-d ordained, so they are not going to try to intervene to stop the process. They will pray that you find Jay-zuz before it's too late.

They also are not going to ask the politicians to do anything differently because they know, as you should, that the politicians are corrupt and not to be trusted. Please do us all a favor and learn how to have faith in G-d Al-mighty and stop running around like chicken little.

Ingvald Moen

Dear Friend,
This is the most warming article that I have ever read concerning the importance of our relationship, not only as a nation but as a people. Americas existence necessisarily depends on it relationship with Israel, not at the Stock Exchange, but in our hearts and our very soul.
I Love Israel because my heart is there. We have been told to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, and that God has said I will bless them that bless thee. We sholud do these things because we want to not because we have to.
I keep time with an ADI watch, knowing that someday Israels time will come.
Blessings to you all.

Jacob de Keijzer

Dear Mister Freund,

As a non-Jew, I aggree with the contents of your words and I do recognize among my christan-friends the kind of people you are talking about.
Proof: My daughter and I did some volunteerwork at the IDF base Tell HaShomer during second intifada.
I deeply believe that Israël needs our support, the more as your people has to face very harch times in the (near?) future.

Thanks for your article.


Al Strap

Mr. Freund: Your efforts on behalf of Christians and Bnei Menasheh are OK. However, of much more urgent concern is the need for reconciliation among the various factions of Judaism. From a regular reading of Arutz-Sheva it is obvious that religious education is woefully underfunded in Israel. Also, there is widespread poverty in Israel among large segments of the Jewish population.
Front-page articles in the Jerusalem Post by you and others ridiculing Haredi Jews further alienate them from the rest of us and make matters worse for all. Are your intentions genuine, or are you really interested in helping the JP sell their new Christian edition?
Furthermore, contrary to your statement herein, recent studies (published by Arutz-Sheva) show that all segments of American Jewry are growing, especially the religious Zionist and Haredi! Why? Because in the U.S. there is more mutual cooperation and respect among Jews than in Israel.


The first commenter is a bit "disturbed" you will get those as you well know from time to time. I don't know where the Jewish support is down in the US, but up here in Canada its still very conservative although more should be done. The churchs here are the exact opposite ... more pro-palestine than ever and very critcal of the US faith based movements. We could use a base of support like that up here, with the exception of Dr.Charles McVety I haven't seen the outpouring like down there. There should be more of a connection with the Israeli government and not just tourism to the holy sites here and there.


Regarding some Jews caution with Christians I find it to be both wise and admiring. Jews need to see that a Christian's support is pure, regardless of the JC issue. Since Christianity revolves around the JC issue, I can see how difficult it can be for both Christians and Jews to really see eye to eye. The exception I see, is when a Christian decides to put the ONE TRUE G-D Of Israel above all as the most important factor. Whether JC was/is the 'Saviour' of Israel is not the issue. What would a true saviour of Israel want is the real issue, and it MUST fall into line with what our creator wants from any and all of his children. If we are unable to truly love one another, it appears to be a doomed relationship between the two groups. When you really think about it, we really do need divine intervention. G-d help us all to not hurt one another.

M. D'Souza

Your article on "Christian Zionists" is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! You find Christian Zionists all over the world - US, Australia, Canada, Africa, etc.

When they refer to the US South as the Bible Belt, then it is apt to refer to Texas as the Big Buckle of that belt - that keeps Christian Zionists fastened to the religious Jews. As the Texas cowboy wears that big buckle with pride, so also the Christian Zionists of Texas are very particular to support and pray for Israel, and love the Jews - with NO strings of conversion attached.

You have a concentration of Christian Zionists in Texas, especially Rev.John Hagee and his church in San Antonio organizes a yearly meeting in Washington DC, of US Christians who support Israel. He also supports other Jewish causes with Rabbi Grossman in Israel, as well as other rabbis in the US. You also have Joe VanKoevering of St.Petersburg, Florida; Hal Lindsey - who proudly and joyfully replays his interview with Mr.Freund, in his programs. There are many others too, who love Israel and financially support the return of the Diaspora Jews.

One should not mistake 'born again' Christians and those who claim to be Evangelicals with Chrisian Zionists. Getting a photo-op wearing a big cross-pendant or carrying a Bible to the church does not make one a 'born again', Israel-supporting evangelical Christian, in as much as a pink bow on a sow would make it look cute for a while.

'You shall know them (the Christian Zionists) by their fruit' - of how loving, caring and joyful they are in supporting the Jews of Israel. They do not support the Road Map to nowhere, because the Bible is their Road Map. They are eager to know the Jewish roots of Christianity, learn the Torah and the Hebrew prophets more intensely than many Jews in Israel.

Roger Talbot

Unfortunately, Israel has come to the point where it has to depend on American Christian Zionists because Israel can not depend on American or even Israeli Jews. I agree that Israel should reach out to the Christian Zionist. But in the U.S. Abraham Foxman of the ADL is extremely hostile to American Christians. He would rather deal with and defend Islamists. And of course, a huge amount of anti-Israel animus comes from both American and Israeli so-called "Jews." I say so-called because by supporting genocide against their own people they have cut themselves off from Am Israel.


Hello Mr. Freund,
Thank you so much for this article! Yes, you are right - there is a growing movement of evangelical Christians who are keeping track of events in Israel and praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you again!
a servant of Christ, Steven

Luigi Frascati

Good evening Dr. Freund,

Happy Hanukkah, albeit a little late.

Yeah, well … better Christian Evangelicals than Muslims. But the choice given for the continued US support for Israel is not and should not be limited and restricted to Christian Evangelicals. And, moreover, any such choice is neither a given nor a must.

Strictly from a political viewpoint you make sense, good sense. When judged by outsiders, especially Europeans, America appears to be the quintessential religious country. When Europeans hear in sequence the words “America”, “religion” and “family values” they think of brimstone preachers raging against conventional domestic arrangements – and in doing so they entirely forget or otherwise purposefully dismiss the pivotal role that American churches – of all denominations - play within society, particularly in the matter of moulding, cultivating and upbringing the morality and spirituality of the very young, America’s future generations and the standard-bearers to be of Western religious and temporal values, and civilization.

On the other hand, the number of people in the country has now hit the 300 millions mark, up from 200 millions in 1967, and the Census Bureau reports that by as early as 2043 there will be 400 million Americans on the planet. Such robust growth is unique among rich countries. As America adds 100 million people over the next four decades, Japan and the EU are expected to lose almost 20 millions. What is especially striking is the gulf between the fertility rate in the United States and those of other rich countries. The Bureau says that American women today can expect to have an average of 2.1 children in their lifetime whereas, for example, the fertility rate in the EU is 1.47 children per woman.

Furthermore, by 2010 overall deaths in the European Union are expected to start outnumbering overall births, and the present 1.47 average children per woman hides countries such as Spain and Italy, which have witnessed an astonishing collapse in the willingness of their citizens to breed. The fertility rate of Spain and Italy is the lowest in Europe at 1.28 children per woman and, if it continues, will cause the number of Spaniards and Italians to halve in 42 years.

Compare all the foregoing with Israel’s fertility rate of 2.9 children per woman, and prospect it against Iran’s 2.1 children per woman or Egypt’s 3.3 children per woman (figures for Syria are unavailable) [Source: the UN Demographic Yearbook, 2006 ed. with data current as at 2005].

The phenomenon of Christian Zionism, however, is neither limited nor confined to the Evangelical Christians. Evangelicals are not the sole Christian denomination to emphasize the Jewish roots of Christianity, as it appears that more and more Protestant denominations are beginning to do the same. And - miracle of all miracles – I was reading the other day on the ‘Corriere Della Sera’ (the Italian mainstream newspaper) that even certain rightist elements in the Vatican, resentful of the treatment (or mistreatment) of the Pope on the part of Muslim scholars after the Regenberger speech, are now beginning to embrace a more grassroot doctrine that can be best encapsulated into the dictum: “Better the Jews than the Muslims”.

The gist of what I am saying, Dr. Freund, is that an ever increasing militant Islam – comprising Islamists and secularists alike – is poised to become an ever growing problem not only for Israel and Zionism, but also for Christianity of all colors. Extreme statements the likes of Israel that “must be wiped out of the map”, internal conflicts between terrorist organizations such as the one taking place these days in Gaza, mockery of the wish and will of mankind in the matter of nuclear armaments and undertakings as represented even by a flimsy organization like the UN, the war of attrition and power between Sh’ia and Sunni factions, the morbid attempted takeover of Western institutions on the part of Muslims worldwide, a growing militarism, political ideologies that mirror and seem to be related to fascist doctrines too closely for anyone’s taste, the fear of terrorism, social intolerance, religious bigotry, intransigent anti-Westernism, absolutist economic systems, patriarchal societies cast in the perennial exploitation of women, misogyny, rampant slavery, the overused, abused and misused references to America as “The Great Satan”, barbaric customs such as lapidation still in vogue and effect in Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and, in essence, a civilization the applied standards of which seem to attempt to bring us all back well past Pharaonic Egypt all the way to the Paleolithic Era and beyond … all of this does not pass unnoticed and is becoming increasingly a concern to Westerners of all nationalities and religious denominations.

People are not stupid, and Christianity versus Islam is on the way to become more and more a clash of civilizations.

There are millions and millions of Americans and Europeans alike who do not consider themselves Zionists and yet support Israel in spite of the self-serving political stance of the moment of their governments, if for nothing else because they despise Islam. And they represent a core of support far larger than those who, like the Christian Zionists and the Evangelicals, base their backing of Israel on the Bible solely in a centric theological way .

Keith Dawid


Victor Passenheim

This was my reply to the Women In Green email sent with this same article:

Mr. Freund is RIGHT ON THE SPOT!!!

I especially like the idea of a birthright-Israel program for young
churchgoers. Maybe call it by another name, but with a similar

Roger Talbot,

Both Jews and Christian had BETTER be depending on God first, rather than just looking to each other. Such a mistake would be repulsive and tragic.

Luigi Frascati - Good article chock full of salient information.

How can we make this happen? Sign me up!

Best regards,

Victor Passenheim

Some additional responses:

Debbie, sorry you had a bad experience. However, Christian Zionists are only interested in reinforcing the bond the Jews and Christians alike share - belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob according to the Bible, without ANY evangelical interest in talking about Jesus.

Read Mr. D'Souza's comment - exactly right!


Mr Freund

Christian support for Zionism isn't confined to the US. In September I was amongst 1300 Christians who attended a London conference to learn more about the history of the region, particularly the way in which successive British Governments betrayed the League of Nations mandate to create a Jewish homeland in what was then called Palestine.

A video, The Forsaken Promise, made by the HaTikvah Trust, which detailed Britain's shocking behaviour was shown. The session of heartfelt repentance on behalf of our nation, and the intercessory prayer which followed it was as profound an act of worship as I have ever encountered. And this was only one of 5 similar events going on around the country. The others had to be arranged at very short notice when it became clear that the numbers wishing to attend the event far exceeded the capacity of the venue.

It is true that too many of the mainstream churches, including the Church of England to which I belong, have too closely allied themselves with the Palestinian cause at the expense of Israel. Yet even there, Anglicans for Israel www.anglicansforisrael.com is providing a voice in the wilderness to balance those of Israel's opponents.

I can understand Debbie's fears that conversion is high on the agenda of Christians who support Zionism. However, I hope that future experience will persuade her that many of us support Israel because we feel that her cause is just, because we too worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and because, as one of our teachers tells us, G-d commands us to honour the 'olive tree into which (we) have been grafted'.


James Fletcher Baxter

The missing element in every human 'solution' is
an accurate definition of the creature.

The way we define 'human' determines our view of self,
others, relationships, institutions, life, and future. Many
problems in human experience are the result of false
and inaccurate definitions of humankind premised
in man-made religions and humanistic philosophies.

Human knowledge is a fraction of the whole universe.
The balance is a vast void of human ignorance. Human
reason cannot fully function in such a void; thus, the
intellect can rise no higher than the criteria by which it
perceives and measures values.

Humanism makes man his own standard of measure.
However, as with all measuring systems, a standard
must be greater than the value measured. Based on
preponderant ignorance and an egocentric carnal
nature, humanism demotes reason to the simpleton
task of excuse-making in behalf of the rule of appe-
tites, desires, feelings, emotions, and glands.

Because man, hobbled in an ego-centric predicament,
cannot invent criteria greater than himself, the humanist
lacks a predictive capability. Without instinct or trans-
cendent criteria, humanism cannot evaluate options with
foresight and vision for progression and survival. Lack-
ing foresight, man is blind to potential consequence and
is unwittingly committed to mediocrity, collectivism,
averages, and regression - and worse. Humanism is an
unworthy worship.

The void of human ignorance can easily be filled with
a functional faith while not-so-patiently awaiting the
foot-dragging growth of human knowledge and behav-
ior. Faith, initiated by the Creator and revealed and
validated in His Word, the Bible, brings a transcend-
ent standard to man the choice-maker. Other philo-
sophies and religions are man-made, humanism, and
thereby lack what only the Bible has:

1.Transcendent Criteria and
2.Fulfilled Prophetic Validation.

The vision of faith in God and His Word is survival
equipment for today and the future. Only the Creator,
who made us in His own image, is qualified to define
us accurately.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. Psalm 25:12 He is by
nature and nature's God a creature of Choice - and of
Criteria. Psalm 119:30,173 His unique and definitive
characteristic is, and of Right ought to be, the natural
foundation of his environments, institutions, and re-
spectful relations to his fellow-man. Thus, he is orien-
ted to a Freedom whose roots are in the Order of the

That human institution which is structured on the
principle, "...all men are endowed by their Creator with
...Liberty...," is a system with its roots in the natural
Order of the universe. The opponents of such a system are
necessarily engaged in a losing contest with nature and
nature's God. Biblical principles are still today the
foundation under Western Civilization and the American
way of life. To the advent of a new season we commend the
present generation and the "multitudes in the valley of

Let us proclaim it. Behold!
The Season of Generation-Choicemaker Joel 3:14 KJV




Mr. Freund,

Your comments are thought provoking. By all means, take advantage of whatever friends Israel has right now; however, speaking as a former evangelical, I can tell you that many conservative christians are almost rabid to convert Jews.

It may be that after a while of being 'rebuffed', and (as they perceive) Israel delaying the Second Coming by their stubbornness, these 'lovers of Israel' will leave her -- and 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'.

Just be careful out there.

Hal in MS.


i believe we need to open a dialog with in all the belivers, because it can not be divided with one common belief, we need to keep our mind and hearts on the prize, which is the almighty, we have to do it his way, and forget about our difference, because that means nothing,its a wast of our energy.
and any one with that common knowlege we need to unite with common prayer and i also understand many people have been thrown out of there homes in isreal and my heart and prayes goes out to each and every one. but we need to relize is guess what? were does the almighty live where is his chosen home the place he requested to live (not only in our hearts)
im talking about his temple his chosen promised city did we forget his dwelling place the challenge is when will we stand up for him so he can stand up for us we can do this silently without vilonce and fear, because i know we are heard acording to his will. i also belive that would be a start for all that believe in the same way all races all credes all colors his home belongs to all his belivers not to just one because we all care about his temple and his desires i will pray that courage and strength is given to all that wish to take part in building his new home without fear and we also need to accept his will like it or not without judging and condeming anyone that wishes to do his will instead pray for them
thanks for listening hope it makes sence
i will be watching and praying for his people thanks
shalom rose

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

Timberland Boots

"The Holy One, Blessed be He, commanded us to live there," she says. "It is a mitzva, and it is one that my ancestors have been waiting for so long to fulfill. I am happy that we are now finally going to do so."
And so, I might add, are we.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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