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M. D'Souza

The report by the 'Bipartisan Iraq Surrender Group' led by former Secretary of State James Baker just handed over the victory to those who were 'fighting the war against the war in Iraq', and they are the US mainstream liberal media and the terrorists that are creating the sectarian violence in Iraq.

From the very start of the Iraq war, our media applied the same Viet Nam template to this war too. This report definitely made them, as well as the terrorists happy.

The report also pleased our 'cut and run' Dhimmicrats, who ran on an anti-war platform during the past election, inorder to gain control of the congress. The gullible voters too got deceived by the media's amplified negative reports about the war in Iraq.

Perhaps it was the intention of the 'Iraq Surrender Group' to get the accolades from the loud-mouths of the US liberal media, at the cost of the security of the nation. It is the Generals at the war-front who should decide the success of the war when the victory is won. Success does not entail writing a lengthy report with 70+ recommendations, with insane suggestions to engage Syria and Iran in resolving the conflict.

What incentives are we supposed to present to Iran?...A signal to go ahead with their nuclear ambitions to wipe Israel off the map? What incentives are we supposed to present to Syria?...Force Israel to surrender the Golan Heights and put Israel's security in jeopardy? Or give Iran's Basiji the visas to enter the US and cause suicide attacks here?

This report definitely needs to be put in the shredder before it emboldens the Islamo-fascists to shred us all in their terror mills. As it is we are already seeing the gruesome manner in which they are killing their own people and how Saddam used a shredder for the dissidents. Our media failed to report these atrocities. The only thing they report with glee are the number of our dead troops.


The Baker report is not silly. It exists to 1)Make Arabs grateful to Baker so he can make more money and 2) Kill more Jews. Baker is a goy. Like all goyim, he salivates at the prospect of killing Jews. Like most western goyim, he would like to finish what Hitler started while keeping his hands clean. It is not a surprise that the goyim of the world want to carve up and destroy Israel. The real travesty here is that the suicidal "state" of Israel has not publicly rejected the idiotic recommendations of this report in its entirety and threatened to assassinate anyone who advocates the antisemitic provisions therein.


The Baker Report has emphasized the threat Saudi Arabia is making against the West. Give the Arab world Israel, piece by "peace", and oil won't go to $100 a barrel, yet.

Destroy Mecca, Riyadh, and Qom, and seize the Gulf oil fields.

A Time to Speak

About 3400 years ago, a Pharaoh of Egypt was worried about his realm and decided the thing to do was kick those Israelites.

It did not work for him.

Countless Pharoids since then have learned nothing from that lesson.

Baker, whose obscene remarks about the Jews should not be forgotten, long ago joined the list of those who hatred of the Israelites takes priority over the best interests of his own country.

And, by the way, his law firm of Baker & Botts works for the King of Saudi Arabia.
Enough said?

Luigi Frascati

Well now ... wait a minute A Time To Speak. Just because Baker & Botts do business with the Saudis does not necessarily mean that they are anti-semitic. Take me, for example: I do business with the Saudis too. I use their oil any time I drive my car, and yet I come to this blog every so often and badmouth the Arabs as much as I can. If you read any of the previous comments I posted here, you will think of me as anti-everything, but definitely not anti-semitic.

No, I think the biggest problem with Baker-Hamilton Report is the title. They should have called it "The Ahmadinejad-Assad Report" because it makes sense only from one angle: that of Iran and Syria.

And this is not just a joke but, rather, it evidences one sad truth common throughout the West (which in my world includes Israel): politicians try to make our enemies happy in the false pretense that this will appease them and make them more satisfied, but this is just the old Neville Chamberlain doctrine redux. Our politicians invariably end up making our enemies not happier, not more satisfied but, rather, bolder in their intransigence and more aggressive. And this is true of a big country like the United States as it is of a miniature nation such as Israel. The Neville Chamberlain doctrine is very, very dangerous since it makes our foes believe that they can do anything they want impunily. And guess what: they do it, and then wars - big wars erupt.

There isn't a single Western country, whether in North America or Europe, that nowadays is able to take a clear stance on anything - let alone a complex matter such as Middle East relations. There isn't a single political leader out there who can go to a podium and tell his citizens: "We are going to do this!" - and actually mean it. Western leaders - and all of them - are slaves, literally slaves in the hands of political interests, or they put forth their own personal, selfish political agendas intended solely to get them votes so they can be re-elected, or they just do not know what time of the day it is. But whatever the reason, they are not accountable to the citizens that have elected them in the first place, or they otherwise do not care.

Throughout the West it has come to a point where democracy is conceived solely at the expense of truth, wisdom, principles and national interest.

Conversely, the enemies of the West are blessed in that they do not have any of these problems. They do not have to account to anyone. If the citizens of Iran are dissatisfied with President Ahmadinejad and say so - they die! If the citizens of Syria are dissatisfied with Bashar al-Assad and say so - they die! Simple as that. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs happily spend $700 million to buy all sorts of rocket and missile paraphernalia from the Russians while letting their own citizens starve to death. And if the citizens have a problem with that ... they die sooner!

It's not that our enemies are too strong. They aren't. It's that governments in the West are too weak and undecisive. The West is gradually losing ground not because the East is winning. Easterners for now are barely doing a lot of talking and pretty much nothing else. We are losing ground because politicians are sheepishly walking away. In the United States politicians, and all of them, are proud to use the expression "to stand tall" - when it comes to somebody else, whether the Marines, the Navy or the Air Force that must do the "standing tall". But the politicians themselves are the first to run.

I am not advocating dictatorship as a replacement for democracy. It is not democracy that is the problem. It is the interpretation our leaders give to democracy, an interpretation that puts personal convenience and promotes selfish political interest over and above the wish and will of the people, that is the problem. The dissatisfaction and discontent that Israelis voice practically on a daily basis against the Olmert Administration is not unique to them. It parallels the same dissatisfaction and discontent that Americans and Europeans voice as well, with different undertones, against their respective elected officials.

As to the Report, I share in Mr. Freund's prediction that nothing will come out of it, but a great deal of winking and of more or less hidden grinning on the part of Ahmadinejad and Assad. And if the name of the American President was not George Bush but say - for example - Adolf Hitler .... I am willing to bet that this evening, after the publication of this kind of report, both James Baker and Lee Hamilton would be very well on their way to ... Dachau.


Joseph Cousineau

Waste of paper ?
With Israel's impotence and failure to say no to anything coming from Washington,it may be more than just a piece of paper.
So what has the Bush Road Map been for Israel ? Mush more than wasted paper.
Wasted lives and no peace on the horizon.
A Road Map which Israel STILL blindly and religiously follows.
It's no wonder the path becomes more and more deadly and fatal for Israel.
Isn't it time to jump off this cattle car while you still can ?
Or has Israel become a nation bent on suicide to please her masters in Washington ?


Does anyone recall James Baker, and the 1990 war, and Shamir. The Olso accords came out of appeasement to the Arabs for helping daddy Bush in 1990. James Baker fanous quote "F-em they did not vote for us anyway" Bsker is a pure anti-semite, and saudi lover. These are Oil people. Gates even mentioned Israel's nuclear capability. Jews and Israel has to wake up. You will pay the price for the US failure in the Iraq. Killing Jews pays off, Syria a rogue state gets the Golan back, Iran get to build Nukes and Israel start to get smaller. This is appeasement for nothing at the expense of Israel and Jews. But Jewish blood is cheap. First and formost. Olmert and company are the weakest leaders you have. Saying Baker is a 'great man" show the weakness of the regime. Olmert most have some praise for Hitler as well. Israel has to tell the US, NO!!!!, We will not be a scape goat for your failed policies. We will not die for you, we will not appease our Arab haters for you, and we will not scarafice our Nation because Anti-Semetic Baker thinks that will solve all the worlds problems.

Bibi where are you????

Ben Plonie

James Baker's PhD thesis was that the creation of Israel was a mistake. The theme of his new book is that moral principle and justice may be subordinated to the stabilization of the US energy supply.

Anytime G.W. Bush has gotten in trouble, the first time I personally know in the disputed election with Gore, James Baker arises like Dracula to take over the crisis control, and in this case to supply plausible political deniability for the administration. This is just the Buchanan Republicans coming back to recover the White Housa in a coup against the Necon/Sharansky Republicans (I say that in a good way).


Not a waste of paper. Use the paper to line your bird cage. Or as a wipe for something else. James Baker is a doting old fool. I'm ashamed that he would put Israel on the spot with his machinations that Israel should give up the Golan so we can get out of Iraq or whatever his intentions. I'm afraid I see my President getting a bit wobbly and it frightens me. Stand strong and proud, Israel!

Gracie Miller

At last someone is saying the truth about the democrats and american politions who have been educated at whatsamatta U.
They are loud mouthed cowards and I as an American citizen and true Native American (Cherokee) can tell you that the great white so called fathers or leaders of America have practiced deceit from the begining of this nation and built a foundation of such with no apologies to anyone.There are many of us that support and beleive in Israel and pray for Shalom. We see American leaders devouring themselves and betraying America daily and their works will bring their own distruction.
Shalom Israel
Shalom Jerusalem


please publicize the important fact that under bush #1, baker was quoted as saying:'

"f--k the jews".

this little detail must be made widely known.


Actually, I could think of a more appropriate place to the report than the trash can - and I think the fact that it might leave Mr. Baker a bit uncomfortable is a good thing!


Oddly whats needed is the exact oppasite of the ISG's recamendations.Think about it for a second.A group of statesmen if you will got toghter,and in there final analasis recamended the same form of polcies that are in mane part responsable for the current state of affairs in the mideast etc.Its madness.For who belives in fact if and when the recamandations are implamented Syria for example would be resoponsable with and on the Golan heights.Or suddenly deside wow hezbollah is a radical group bent on genacide.Or Hamas is close to the same as hezbollah,only in bussiness suits.Along with any number of the other alpabeit soup of PA terroist groups.Or Irans Aillohtollahs would reform there revaloutionary idealogies and objectives.Decide to scrap the Nuke weapons programs undo the decades of hostile US and Visous anti jewish rhetoric.Or on the Iraq side Pull back US troops from the fight,and devote more time to training the Iraq forces.Come on now its simply obsurd to think any of these recamendations are reality.War is gathring and the ISG's report can not stop the storm.Id like to think it could.But i can gather no evadence to the fact.

Plas Jaramillo

The Baker panel report shows how far congressional ignorance will go. Not one of them spent any indepth time in Iraq or undestands how far Israel's enemies will go to destroy them. Let us pray fervantly that the American people will understand that Israel's enemies are America's enemies. We must stand together in support of Israel. May the people of Israel know that we the CUFI are firmly behind them.
Blessings, Plas Jaramillo :)


i dont believe baker is anti israel, though he may be an anti semite and harbor persoonal feelings.in the real world, he deals and works with jews on a daily basis.he is also aware of the jewish lobby in america.the other jewish loobby, that is gaining influence politically and is well organized, and is promoting policies that on face value encoourage peace, while it is well known to be a conduit used by the various terror groups we now face.i mean many.every little warlord is being recruited to come join the jihad against us,at comfortable rates as iranian petrodollars wash in.but baker-hamilton report was meant more for the islamic worlds consumption.remember, it is hard getting solid intelligence on the political situation in countries that are already xenophobic dictatorships that scarcely release info that could be construed reliable, or questioning its current relevance.thats why its a shmorgasboard of 79 fehkokteh ideas.more inclined for our enemies, and perhaps some allies, to react.it is to ooure advantage, at present, to listen to the chatter,and be prepared for any eventuality.i still stick with my belief that gaza will be re-occupied, but not by us.similair to the situation in lebanon,further eroding security.


The idea that anyone should involve Syria and Iran in talks regarding peace is laughable at best and horrifying at worst. How gullible can people be - afterall, it is Syria and Iran who are funding and training the "insurgents" in Iraq. If we talk to these two terrorist states, we are giving in to their bribery.

When I was listening to the news report when the report was being given I just could not believe what I was hearing. The one thing that enraged me was the comment (I believe by Baker) that the U.S. talked to Russia (USSR) during a time when they wanted to "wipe us off the map". That was a clear swipe at Israel! I would believe that if the USSR had been terrorizing and murdering Americans on American soil during that time, and England or Canada called for America to be restrained in her reaction, America would have ignored them and attacked the terrorists! Days later, I am still enraged by that comment.

Pritt Sehmi

Facing Up To Reality (part 2)
How many articles are written in a known formula??a formula that tells the truth ,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth,so help me anyone who is prepared to agree,and woe betide anyone who disagrees.An article that will sound interesting leaving out the vital points.An article with features that are known to stir a crowd,and yet sound as though butter would not melt in ones mouth.With a few facts changed to make it a pack of lies.Or just down right skulduggery.Aye there jim lad.Many times hearing about what a person has said,not what he/she has said.
What and who can we believe???There are reports of conspiracies of this and that and the other.The death of the Russian spy only needs a process of exermination as to who provided the plonium 210.Putin has declared he is being framed.Da Koreans,da chinese probably never knew who da plonied ploni with da plonium poisoning was, until da guy was plonied,wid his pal.Phweeeew so many Peeeeees!!!!007 revived,until dey heard it on de radio.I'm gobsmacked dat Iran ain't got nuthin t'do wid it.While De arabs scratching dere heads wandering how to get dere mits on dis plonium .While ploni's standing on da side line laughing at all da plonis.....with enough material for the next big bloni in da next big box office blockbuster.cause the bloni's that did the ploning scarppered over de cuckoos nest. great PR for de 007.It doesn't help the dead nor the chaos caused.What a load of ploni,eh! bloni..'
On the internet one can find everything and anything to connect someone on something that he has never heard about,wondering what happened.But!facing up to reality is the hardest bridge to cross.The world is seeing through the charade,when there were two parties the republicans and the democrates,the media could play one on the other,causing chisms.Now they are together with Mr Bush as a figurehead??????Deep beneath the waters of chaos a new breed of anti sehmitism is growing.The ustashi squad were ruthless killing anyone and everyone,that did not agree with them,impaling babies and anyone on stakes leaving them to an agonising death.They took a family separated them,and starved them.At the end of a forced starvation ,they gathered the wife and children to a roast banquet.The family ravenously ate the food.When they had finished the person in charge said ''You have just eaten your father''the family were gentiles.Many tortured and murdered were gentiles...!!!!!!!At least the instigators of 9-11 can say with a smile.''We didn't go that far''
Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.Jussst take a teenssy weenssy,itssy,bitssy bite,it won't do you any harm. The rebellious instigated rebellion,they made easy killings,revelled in all the sordity and depravity,followed the crowd in all the laughter and frivolity,sat on the fence & watched, watching and scheming...dispising the very name of HaShem being mentioned, corrupting everything that is upright,holy and true. Living a of life,guilt, hate, inffections, instability, unreliability, distrust, dishonesty, lies, disception, insecurity, back stabbing, arrogance, all that is unrighteous unholy and false, war and no hope no future,loathing the wife and she devoted to her own desires, the rulers cared not for the poor,the abyss never full. Open offer for All Of Time low to the israeli, to the arabs and to all the nations. ''the price for all this???'' lie to yourself, to your neighbour and to the Creator.Adam did it!!didn't help him much,but he did it!!
Before Hitler came into power the medical law was changed,from the hypocratic oath to the hypocritic,The hypocratic oath was the sanctity of all life.The hypocritic oath said''We shall do nothing illegal''Hence began the murders of the sick the lame anyone that did not match the requirement,Hitler came in and continued what had already begun.PROOF.Today in our sophisticated generation the hypocritic laws are once again in motion,the moguls of medical hierachy have pushed for the legalisation of outright slaughter,and fascism is rising.Only a few months ago The JPost heralded that we are second to the leaders USA in embryonic experiments in the world,big bucks.In the words of agony aunt Claire Rayner''They are only cells'' Someone in the debate replied.''Claire,but you're only cells,just more of them''
Anti-Sehmitism began here with a venom I have never seen in the nations,having travelled to France, Spain Germany,Austria, Hungaria,Rumania,Sweden and Finland.When we look at the nations it is a mirror of events in the Land of HaShem.When the US stopped the funding we became the leaders.For the not so medically minded,embryo is a baby in an egg,this matter for embryonic experiments can be obtained in a petri dish, from abortions from first trimester to the ninth month,in some places after birth,where euthanasia is legal,matter of the old codgers (like me)can be obtained.North,South ,East and West the hypocritic oath is in full swing.The baby has to be killed for life to be terminated,(not Ashnose Schmutzshulmugger)I have heard that our women soldiers are allowed up to two abortions,compliment of the government.No Blue Peter Badge.Then we wonder why HaShem is not with us,while we lose our wars.
I know it is not Purim,but it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys,and I don't get Brahms and Liszt anymore,not for the past 25 years,not even on Purim.even though I do appreciate classical music.
Facing up to reality is to face our own failings,and not hide them,like David go before HaShem and ask for forgiveness.The heart of David when his own sin confronted him,he fell before HaShem pleaded for mercy.But!!we're to intelligent for that!!!Or are we???The only friends that we have in the world are the few that cling to every word of the Bible.What will happen when they are no longer around?????because they disagreed with a group like the ustachi.With the digital media pictures can be altered to such a degree,that through this very media all proof of the halocaust can be erased.With the new technology people can go missing and the public will only be fed what the governing authority want.Tailor made properganda to suit the need of the individual. Sad to say it is already happening.....the wolves are on their way.The Baker & Hamilton report has stated that three arab states join together,Iran,Iraq and Syria.Does this tie in to the writings of the Daniel Report before hell breaks loose??????? .''''Thus he said the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom,and shall devour the whole earth.Ten kings shall rise and another shall rise after them,different from the first,and he shall subdue three kings.Will these three nations join together then declare war on?????.....Iraq the home of Nimrod,Iran the Persian Empire and Syria (Damascus)where the first blood was split,the blood of Abel.sheqia will have passed and darkness entered. Question ????has the sin of the nations reached its full???Are we about to witness the Zecharia Report????The coming seige of Yerushalaim.
Facing up to reality .Who is guilty of the coming halocaust????This is a question that can be answered by the Tanach.From Moshe to Malachi,Torah says ''If you keep my Commandments,I will bless you''HaShem gave all the promises in observing the Ten Commandments.The mitzvot of halacha at this point do not enter.If we do not keep these Commandments The Torah declares that our enemies will rise.With T.V. radio etc we can see that as reality,as we see the rise of facsism.This is not only in Israel but amongst the nations.The hatred that is against all Torah values,with sadness I speak of the religious in my own experience,please read articles.I have experienced the brainwashing tactics to being arrested,defamation tactics. Who is guilty????All who live a lie before HaShem and man, from israeli to gentile.All who cover up the deceit and think no one has seen.All who hide their faces looking the other way,all who remain silent not speaking the truth.The clouds of war are on their way and the sorrow that goes with it.There is much more to write,but who wants to waste time reading???? Goa to be the next target for the 9-11 ,and the spy murderers,are the prostitution murders a distraction?????midnight is on its way.
I came alone to the land of HaShem,having heard Avodiah ,Mordachi and many others speaking,I have not heard the Tanach in its truth,simplicity and beauty.Having heard those that are wrapped up in their wisdom,trying to show their wisdom in false humility,casting aside the Ten Commandments.Raising their hands calling upon the name of Avraham,denying the very path that Avraham walked.
For those that have followed these articles,may you find the road of Avraham to have a close relationship with the Father of Creation,The One who gave us breath.To study the Tanach like never before and give Glory to Him, for it is He who holds the universe in the palm of His hand.He had plans for you before you were conceived for good and not for evil..for each one to realise his true heritage as the child of HaShem.....may we stand before Him in gladness,as He wipes the tears that have been shed,so many tears and HaShem saw every drop that trickles down the cheeks of everyone,every child,grown up and elderly..Yehudi, Israeli and Gentile.................
Shabbat Shalom
Pritt Sehmi.......

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

Timberland Boots

"The Holy One, Blessed be He, commanded us to live there," she says. "It is a mitzva, and it is one that my ancestors have been waiting for so long to fulfill. I am happy that we are now finally going to do so."
And so, I might add, are we.


how dangerous it would be to give the Palestinians a state of their own.

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