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M. D'Souza

The Palestinian terrorists in this picture look like monstrous locusts. To further arm these terrorists with more weapons is stupidity of the highest order. Those who authorized this transfer, whoever it is, needs to get their heads examined.

It's not only 'Fatah's nasty little habit' of turning its weapons on Jews who provided them with these weapons, it's in the Islamic genes to turn the weapons supplied to them on the people who provided it to them. Americans have seen this done by the mujahedin of Afghanistan, Saddam of Iraq, etc. We've seen how these same weapons are used against our US forces. Yet, the US keeps supplying these Islamists with weapons.

We should make sure to count our fingers after we feed these Islamic crocodiles! They keep complaining that they don't have advanced weapons to fight their rival Islamic brethren; when in actuality, they want to use these weapons against their real enemies - the infidels. When will we see through their tactics?

The Kadima-led government has transformed the Israeli Military Police into a Zombie Force. Or else, what's this nonsense of them having to escort the shipment of weapons across the Egypt-Gaza border? Who has mesmerized whom here?

Luigi Frascati

You and Mr. D’Souza are unquestionably right to the extent that Muslims turn the weapons on to those who supply them. And the examples brought forth are true and valid.

But then, to better comprehend why weapons are being provided to Fatah by Egypt with Israel’s consent and complicity, it helps to answer first the opposite question - that is who is arming Hamas and Islamic Jihad and with whose consent and complicity. Perhaps Grand Ayatollah Khamenei and President Assad hold the key to the puzzle.

Is Israel taking a chance by allowing the rearming of Fatah? Absolutely, no questions about it. But then, what’s the alternative? Wouldn’t Israel take a bigger chance by allowing Fatah to be trounced by Hamas?

With that said, I do not believe that Gaza is the problem. I have said it before and I am saying it again now, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, that Lebanon – not Gaza – is the problem.

And it now seems that I am no longer alone in this line of thinking. Here is a fresh article from today’s New York Sun: http://www.nysun.com/article/45882?page_no=1.

Perhaps some of the issues raised in the above noted article could be addressed by you in some future postings, Mr. Freund.


I am sick & tired of hearing & reading that idiotic question, "What's the alternative?" The simple alternative is to know that Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, in short, the entire "palestinian" population, is the enemy, & to fight them & drive them out of our Holy Land! Yes, that's the REAL alternative, & probably the only one. Let's just hope that our "gov't" changes before it's too late to do that!

Luigi Frascati


your suggested ‘simple alternative’ of driving everybody out flies right in the face of the Armistice Agreements signed by Israel in 1949 following the War of Independence, and is thus a little too … simplistic to be taken seriously.

Additionally, following a recent shift in Iran’s financial policy in the matter of payment for its oil, the entire geo-political situation of the region is poised to be altered substantially and considerably in the forthcoming months, so that your suggested ‘simple alternative’ becomes de facto impractical, foolish and meaningless. Read this http://ezinearticles.com/?Capitalism-Under-Attack:-Petrodollars,-Petroeuros-and-the-Iranian-Oil-Bourse&id=400023 ,especially the last paragraph.

See if you can come up with something a little bit more … difficult – and sophisticated.


Dear Luigi, you are obviously unfamiliar with reality. Reality is that Israel is a nuclear power. Nuclear powers cannot be blackmailed. The simple, practical, realistic alternative is the extermination of the Arabs throughout the Middle East. Nuclear weapons can accomplish in minutes what took years to accomplish with gas chambers. I am sick and tired of weaklings like you whining about human rights and all the rest of this crap. If I could save the life of a single Jewish child by exterminating the entire goy world, I would do it in a heartbeat. THAT is true Jewish ethics, stripped of Hellenism. Israel has two choices -- return to Jewish ethics or perish. Sadly, it appears that Israel has chosen to perish.

Luigi Frascati

Dear Mike,

Besides the fact that a whole lot of people will disagree with your statement that ‘the extermination of the Arabs throughout the Middle East’ is one of the best examples of ‘true Jewish ethics’– probably with Mr. Freund in the frontlines, judging from the usual moderation and balance of his postings - I wonder where you read in anything I have said so far the palest reference to human rights.

So, you like nukes, big boy? Here, take a look at the deployment of nukes all around Israel and educate yourself: http://www.nrdc.org/nuclear/euro/euro_pt1.pdf . As you can see, Turkey too is a nuclear power. Suppose they too suddenly decide that the extermination of the Jews throughout the Middle East is one of the best examples of true Muslim ethics? How would that make you feel? Now, that’s what I call a good dose of sobering reality.

And speaking of it, you know what truly would make reality a little bit more palatable? It is if boors such as yourself, before they opened their mouth, would have at least the decency to document themselves first.


Wow, Israel supporting Fatah to draw support away from Hamas, what does that remind me of...? Oh yeah, Israel supporting the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood (which became Hamas) in the 70s in order to draw support away from Fatah.

That worked great, didn't it?


Turkey a nuclear power? Riight... Once again our dear Italian friend grasps at straws. Even assuming that Turkey WERE a nuclear power, that would change nothing. The Turks are not, currently, willing to sacrifice millions of their own citizens to kill Jews. The ballance of terror applies. I know, dear Luigi, that even an Italian understands the ballance of terror. It is really not your fault that your preffered alternative is to surrender. After all, when was the last time an Italian soldier was worth anything? I believe Trajan was still alive... At any rate, the beauty of fighting a nuclear war against people who have no nukes is that it is so wonderfully one-sided. It is weaklings like you who almost lost us the Cold War and it is weaklings like you who are currently blocking the destruction of Iran. If I am a boor, at least I am a healthy boor. You, on the other hand, Mr. Luigi, is a prime example of the suicidal Euro-wimp.

Luigi Frascati

Well Mike, all I can tell you is that you really need to have your head examined. Besides, I am not Italian. Cheers.

Patricia Dougherty

It seems that Israel has learned the very bad and dangerous policy of political expediency from the US. I am appalled that the US plans to send 85 Million to the Fatah. How many times do we, the US, have to pay in the future for our willingness to blindly act in self interest of the moment without considering all consequences of that decision. How do you tell the difference between these thugs and the other ones, they all behave the same except for slightly different utterances. These statements are still anti Israel and anti US. You play with snakes, you get bitten.

Pritt Sehmi

Facing up to Reality 111
There is a heritage of literature that dates back to Adam HaRishon and Havah,that explains how to observe the ways of HaShem, to choose the good and reject the evil.On how to have a healthy kosher diet,how HaShem rested on the seventh day.HaShem created everything good.It is as though through the ages the ones that wanted to corrupt the only document of truth,have put a question to every sentence and fullstop.The Sentence ''Did HaShem really say that????''Have a read what this one says and what that one says,before one reaches the end one can see that that authenticity of the Tanach is nullified. I came alone to the land of HaShem,with an expectation to learn Tanach, I have learnt a very sobering lesson>That the words of the Tanach cry out to the religious to do tshuva, just as much as it does to every other individual..and to beware of those that are called teachers craving the adulation of the people,blindly placing them in Pharoahs place....First Commandment is''I am HaShem your G-d'' No human is to be placed before Him,no rabbi ,priest or prelate.Religious politics is far from Torah values,(please read JPost,{majik in the Knesset})
Does that mean one is to be an anarchist???No!!!!Not a head of all equals,but a true servant to the people, we are to pray for authority that HaShem will give wisdom to govern his world in Love ,Truth and Justice..at times these words run out as rhetoric but the more I have read the Tanach,it will be by these traits that HaShem will judge the world...over two years I have had the priviledge of writing in these columns.In this time having some articles erased by the editor.But the truth at times is hard to swallow,if I have offended people, I would ask you to understand how I have felt,if articles on abortion have effected you, please try to understand how the baby feels before it is slaughtered in cold blood...a video can be obtained ''The Silent Scream'' Other information can be obtained photographs and videos that will make the Mel Gibson movie ''Apocalypto'' also ''Schindlers List'' look tame, because the babies slaughtered are not actors,the blood gore and guts are not stage make up..and they did not get up after the camera had stopped filming.In the short time I have written in these columns we have killed over 100,000 babies.Fact!!!and the murder of these babies is protected by law!!!!!!and a Hitler figure has not risen in ranks...It seems inevitable that he will rise..The lawyers and doctors already justify this slaughter of the innocent...These babies are murdered in nearly every nation...the blood of the innocent is on the nation that does not stand against it,on those in authority to the religious to the layman..Fact!!! The Iraqi problem is all about oil,the iranian affair is about oil,all the laws are in place for the coming Halocaust,,and the HALOCAUST of these babies no one defends,or they are forced to be quiet,and the guilty walk around untouched. I have met one person in the streets of Yerushalaim,she distributes the leaflets ''Children things we throw away'' A document that declares the horrors of abortion.The media promotes abortion with a zeal from gehinnom.How???by glorifing depravity as the norm..exulting mediums,astrologers and the Nostradamuses,when the true prophets of the Tanach are rejected,and their prophesies are 100% true.
The few friends that we have that truely pray for the peace of Yerushalaim,have done much to protect the sanctity of life, whom I have had the pleasure of assisting..''Pro Life'', they studied the Bible with an innocence that I have not seen in our own land. I am sure it exists but as yet I have not encountered it. These friends unselfishly gave their time and resources to make people aware of what an abortion really is.They were threatened by the pro-abortionists,until fear took hold and they stopped delivering the tracts.It was at this time ''Pro-Life'' asked me if I could help,Having been given a month holiday no pay for speaking out against the murder of the children,I gladly assisted..We speak about the rebuilding of the Temple,and yet!!!we destroy the very seed that will fill the Temple with songs of praise,Shas also included in the desruction of these innocent.We destroy our offspring because the law says that it is not illegal..and the rabies do nothing ,they speak for it's implementation...The beauty of a loose woman is only temporary,the trauma of an abortion is life time... We need a Nehemiah who will teach the Tanach so that all will understand,young and old just how precious life is....
Just the other day someone asked me if I use my real name when I am writing these articles.Why should I use another name???I am only in this world for a short while and will not give away my heritage.When I stand before HaShem I would like Him to call me by my name,not an alias,Not as a performer or an actor , Life is too short to act ones way through, even on stage singing before people..The only reality that I know is the Tanach ..The reality, that the yeshiva life in machalot zevel ,shevet ishmellis of Burma to the c'rabi d'zooli's almost destroyed. When I now enter a moronacan shul I see a cruel people stained with the blood of my unborn child. People have said forget it, it's in the past.My answer today is ''Say that to the parents of Gilad Shalit''.who long for the return of their son....The day the Levanon war broke out is the day two soldiers were taken,the same morning the religious court had me arrested on false charges,with a kangaroo court placing me in prison for the day....The beginning of the year 2006 I saw how the rabidical courts could lie and deceive and justify it.The end of 2006 I have seen how HaShem rules His world,and my trust is in Him and in Him alone....
Am I angry?? Yes !!Am I filled with hate ?? No!!!and yet these people have no remorse, nor understand what they have done,because the reality of Tanach is far from their hearts...the desire is to look wise, while wisdom flees from them....In the Rabidical Knesset,as I waited to see the person in charge,in came a young man,one could see that he had problems,as he sat down, came in this Rabie.The young man got up and requested with all respect,''Rav could I ask you a question??This so called rabi d'bassririe (moronacan)was so important that he not even glanced at him.After asking many times,the young man begged for an answer.But this person was so important in his own eyes that he gave no attention at all to the young man.I spoke to the young man and told him to forget it,this so called wise man is so caught up in his wisdom,that you don't exist. ''The Tanach teaches not to take revenge,because HaShem will avenge all pride arrogance and the spilling of innocent blood..
In the years of my life I do not understand what these anti sehmitics had against the name Sehmi.That these Rabies used communities and government offices to try and destroy it...to this day they have no shame.. and the subjects of these pharoahs blindly obeyed smiling..orders were orders----did not some soldiers say that as they threw the people into the furnaces of Germany.(please see Albert Bernstein/Alfred Hitchcock documentary).????But!! I do understand the importance my Mother placed on our name and our heritage.In the year 2006 April,I was not by her side,when she passed away, but I heard her voice that was in pain on the phone...as she lay in hospital,unable to understand my words as I wept, having been stopped by the rabidical courts from leaving the country.(please read previous articles)..I shall remain,within the people of the Lion and King....awaiting the Mechiach. I bless HaShem for having created me among the people of the Lion and King.
May this new year bring Our people the desire to not only pick up the Tanach and start reading ,but ,also to start putting into practice in our daily lives what it teaches.The new year is ahead for the world ,for every individual to come to the place of freedom in HaShem or slavery to the whims that corruption has to offer.To listen to those that will corrupt the Tanach ,or to listen to the Tanach.There are no grey areas....if anyone says, that there are grey areas ,listen intently to the very sin he/she wishes to excuse....
There is still time to consider the ways of HaShem.
''Song Of Moshe'' from the CD ''Mashu Pashut'' Distributor & Publisher JMY Music....
''For I shall bring them to The Land that I swore to their forfathers,which flows with milk and honey.But!it will eat and grow fat and turn to other gods and serve them.It shall be when many distresses come upon him,then shall this song speak up before him as a witness.For it shall not be forgotten from the mouth of his offspring.For I know its inclination,what it does today.Before I bring them to The Land that I have sworn''
''Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,nor stands in the way of sinners,nor sits in the seat of the scornful.But!!his delight is in the Torah (LAW) of HaShem,And in His Torah(LAW)does he meditate day and night.
The music of JMY Music is for the encouragement of Yehudi,Israeli,Arab and Gentile.
If you care about Israel please consider what has been written,If you love the people of Israel ponder the reality of The Tanach.If you love the Tanach,may we learn the true wealth that the Word has to offer.Let us ponder from where we came,and before whom we shall stand.Ever waiting the days of the Meshiach to come...Ani Ma-amin beviat HaMashiach..be emuna shelema...With complete faith I believe in the coming of the Meshiach....
Shana Tova
Shabbat Shalom..
Pritt Sehmi

Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

Tory Burch Outlet

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palesti

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