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M. D'Souza

A puppet show in progress, in the twilight zone of Israel!

During the weekend, the former US ambassador to the UN - John Bolton - rightly said, "Dr. Rice's visit to the Middle East is a waste of time." Perhaps, he realized that this puppet show was right on schedule.

Do these puppet leaders - Olmert and Abbas - think that they have to impress the Queen of Sheba, who is coming there to test their wisdom and resolve, to solve the Israeli-Arab problem?

Both the puppet leaders are bending all over, in all directions, to put on a good show in the twilight zone...to 'impress' Dr.Rice! Perhaps, Condi at the piano, could provide the background music for this show!

But, what about the Israelis who are left in the dark, under the looming cloud of terrorism, while Olmert's puppet show is on? His arms flail, demanding the IDF to remove the check-points in his 'policy of restraint', while Rice is in town.

On the other hand, the Arab terrorists are rubbing their palms in glee, emboldened by the opportunity Olmert has provided them, to enter Israeli territory. Abbas, in his speech last week, has already signaled them to action with the weapons the US has provided them. Rice could look the other way, while this side show is in progress.

Anyway, Rice is there to boost two useless puppets.

Luigi Frascati

Good evening Dr. Freund,

Image taking precedent over substance is not only a characteristic of the Israeli political leadership – it is a characteristic of all political leaders in the West, irrespective of creed or nationalities.

Somehow our political elites seem to be confusing – more or less on purpose – the concept of ‘assertiveness’ with that of ‘aggressiveness’. And yet the two ideas are not synonymous and are, in fact, entirely different and distinct. Aggressiveness implies the active use of force or otherwise the implementation of an offensive action, not necessarily militaristic in nature, whereas assertiveness is a passive act of confidence, self-reliance and resolve.

Politicians seem to think that being ‘assertive’ will somehow offend or – to put it like President Mubarak did – will result in indignation on the part of their sworn enemies. One gets the impression that often times our political leaders try to be ‘delicate’ so as not to aggravate a situation they themselves believe to be serious enough already. Or perhaps they are merely afraid of making missteps that – they feel – may somehow lead to a loss of their political prestige, if not of their own faces and reputations. Or, alternatively, there are just too many political interests to contend with, and in their ever-ending quest of trying to make everybody happy our politicians invariably end up making everybody unhappy.

Whatever the reason, acting this way is a serious mistake, as forty and plus years of cold war ought to have proven by now without the shadow of a doubt. The impression that our opponents invariably get is exactly the one you have described – of weakness, docility and fear. Exactly the opposite of the image our politicians should be projecting.

In the meantime our opponents are very skilful at the fine art of being aggressive, at impressing on us an image of resoluteness, bravado and determination. For instance, take President Ahmadinejad who is spending the week visiting his ‘compadre’ in Venezuela – ‘Presidente’ Hugo Chavez. The day after their customary smooching and hugging, those two have joined in a declaration wherein Venezuela has announced the nationalization of all oil fields – a major blow mainly to European oil exploration concerns that have poured billions and billions of Euros into the discovery and exploration of the country’s oil fields and reserves. With a stroke of the pen President Chavez has nullified contracts worth billions of Euros in exploration and extraction rights. Talk about an act of aggression, financial aggression! An act like this in times past would have resulted in an immediate declaration of war – especially from the European powers.

And yet, what was the response from Europe? Nothing, absolutely nothing. All you read in the European mainstream media is how skinny those supermodels are for this coming Fall fashion shows. Too bad the European pea-brain politicians cannot even vaguely fathom that by next Fall, depending on how things go, their skinny supermodels will be wearing only Islamic abayas and niqabs at the fashion shows, so they may very well start eating like a swine today – nobody in October will notice how fat they have become, as the only visible part of the supermodels' bodies will be ... the eyes. But I digress.

So now, going back to the instant case … just think what a wonderful example of assertiveness would have been if in fact Israel had suspended military operations in the West Bank for Secretary Rice' visit, but then the following day both the Secretary and your PM had joined in a communiqué announcing, for example, that America will deliver to Israel a couple of dozens of those 5,000 lbs GBU-28 Super Penetrator ‘bunker buster’ bombs … Now, that's what I'd call a wonderful example of assertiveness at its best. The message for all those wishing to heed it would be: “Look, we want peace. But if we can’t get it, then …”. No such luck, though, and John Bolton is right: the Secretary’s trip is entirely a waste of time.

Well, nothing is lost … yet. Let’s see if we can get a more determined reaction from our leaders for when Iran and Venezuela will abandon OPEC and will start charging Euros for their oil ...

In the interim, Rod Serling would surely be proud, all the more so since he wrote the screenplay of the film ‘Planet Of The Apes’.

What could be more fitting.

Zerrick Woolfson

Can anyone tell me why, in the recent Lebanon war, the IDF did NOT sent sveral brigades directly across from Kiryat Shmona to the sea, and then roll all the Terrorists southwards, back to the Israel border and attack all the strongholds and underground facilities from the rear. This would have resulted in far fewer caswualties and a much quicker resolution with 99% of the terrorists killed or captured.

Also, it would have been an eminently do-able engineering job to run large portable pipes from the sea to each underground facility. At the first sound of water flowing, the terrorists would have emnerged like rats. Then the IDF could have turned it's troops on the terrorists across the Litani, that is....if they were still there.


Its all been a ongoing epasode of the Twilight zone.Now any objective person would come to the current judgement that the PA has no objective for peace with Isreal.Not within any border lines.Theres simply no evedence tanjable to even vagagly suggest such a hope.In fact most of the evadence if not the overwhelming states the countinued warfare against Isreal.Now the Isrealie state may have decided in a large degree that the PA and the like are just waiting for the proper offer.But such a ideal is myth.And has been.Thats part of the plan.Its clear.So while the Secretary plans and pressures and plots and reassues all that peace is only a matter of some yet majical formula.The IDF stands aside in respect to the unsuppoted ideal that peace with the PA etc.. is only a mater of time and formulas.So more money or whatever the current diplomatic push involves be sure of this the PA and the like have changed little if at all.Its a sehraid and the US and most others have bought it.9/11 is result of failed polcies years upon years worth of false hopes.When theres a enemy attacking if you deside to halt or pullback that does nothing to the enemys objectives.It only oddly advances there march.No amount of New World Order thought can change these simple basics.Yet Isreal has desided in some degree to buy the line.And we in the US have done our share to inforce it.And promote it.Regardless to its suicidal results.Its nearly an impulse.And to suggest otherwise is simply not excepeted.Even though its claerly the case.None of the peace plans have changed the basics in the conflict.If any thing the peace plans have weakend Isreal and the US along with others.Yet Condi pushes ahead with peace peace peace.And the common enemys push ahead with war war war.And we wonder why bombings explode in towers pizza parlors busses markets etc..Weve bought a notion of erro.

Pritt Sehmi

In the beginning Elohkim created the heavens and the earth,and so His-story begins to be unravelled.The beauty and the wonders of creation,An eternity to marvel at the miracle of all that HaShem had done.Through a lie over a rebellious act,all was thrown away....To this day the sword of HaShem guards the entrance of Gan Eden...Creation as it was on the day it was created -Adam and his wife excluded...also all their offspring..
How and where did all the knowledge begin,working with metals, fire, roots for casting spells, why are the teachers so protective over their craft????Where does the darker side of nature begin and where does it end..and who is in control..???Who has the copyrights to the power of sheol.????As we read the generations (summing up)of creation,Cain became a fugative in the land,finally settling in the land of Nod.Man began to multiply and fill the Earth.During this time the the fallen angels knew the daughters of man,these angels taught every art and craft that was needed to corrupt man.Surely you don't believe that????They taught the art of working with metal, the art of plastering ones face with makeup,they taught the art of magic the casting of spells etc...Once again it throws out the theory of evolution out of the window.As all this happened before the flood of Noah...Hanoch(Enoch),in his years on the earth studied the movements of the sun,moon and stars (not for worship)most of the knowledge we have today on the terrestial plain comes from Hanoch including the history of these fallen angels..He documented the news of his time...Hanoch a gentile (circumcision had not been invented or possibly used only for medical reasons) taught the people the ways of HaShem,and the people listened to his words,and many returned to the ways of HaShem...The Torah states that HaShem took him,Midrash says he did not die.In recorded His-story two people have never died, Hanoch being one, and Elijah who was taken up in a fiery chariot!!!..Surely you don't believe that????yes I do....
All the crafts that were taught by these bats out of hell,Demons and Wizards excluding the C.Dickens character U-R-A Heap are rife today.
Shlomo wrote there is nothing new under the sun,in a life of lies and deceit there is nothing new....Not in the spiritual nor in the earthly realm,all have one end, the liers to the murderers to the sorcerers.
In the days that I worked against abortion This is the letter that was sent to all heads of the state with information, pictures all that was needed to prove without doubt the horrors of abortion...
Dear Sir,
As a guest here for many years I am aware of the important issue that is being dicussed,to save the lives of innocent victims,of which I am deeply concerned about.
With this letter I have enclosed some information that is not readily available in the island.I hope that you will view the facts as one that seeks the truth with an upright heart.The information declares the harsh reality of abortion.
I know that those who desire to bring this cruelty into the island will never reveal the truth...At St Peter Port School forum,I was horrified at the false information provided by Claire Rayner and panel,with blatant lies told to the public.
History gives examples of how atrocites were covered up i.e. the death camps of nazi Germany.When the people knew the facts it was too late for the victims.ABORTION IS NO DIFFERENT!!!!
The victims are now the babies,they are innocent,having committed no crime.We have the facts to protect them in a civilised community.Not to murder them in the womb...
At present abortion is illegal, if the law is passed in making it lawful the blood of the innocent is also on those who pass the law,not only on the mother to be and doctor..Innocent blood is also on those that supported the amendment...
If the leaders are in so much darkness not knowing between right or wrong, then who shall stand to declare the plight of the innocent???Certainly not the Board of Health i.e. Sue Plant (head of B of H)etc..I hope the reader of this letter does not compromise on truth for popularity or personnel gain..
I also hope that this island does not become drenched in the blood of innocent babies...If abortion is legalised it will be another step down,until no one is safe...
Yours faithfully
P. Sehmi
The law was passed !!there was a silence that could be cut with a knife as I sat in the taxi listening to the news...Doctors and laywers that fought against the amendment wept..the politicians laughed as though it was a game..The media had lied to the public by covering up anything that would make the people aware...the instigators had left.The words that were spoken by the tribunal,as I stood before them were.''If the law is passed for abortion to be legal,do you promise to keep quiet'' This was the condition given, to me not having a month holiday without pay.I replied ''Murder is murder'' One laughed at my answer--his name Reuven....
The tactics of the media have not changed.The media tried to create a racial war,by using two actresses,Jade fell into the trap, the news blew the story at the time Mr Brown visited India...The British public came up trumps by denouncing racialism. The politicians denounced racialism, Jade herself was horrified by her own actions and wept..The culprits scarppered over the cuckoos nest by withdrawing their sponsership to Spain,The company Endmol(isn't that a telephone company r.f.i.d.t.??).The owners are probably not even spanish.Sky news continue to blame the British Public for racialism...The facts apposed all that the reporters had reported.They made Shilpa to be a poor indian girl.The story backfired ,,,India put the blame quite rightly on the producers and directors..Jade left to pick up the pieces of her life and start again..Sky news persisted trying to creat a racial war...by repeatedly saying this story is not finished...A thorough investigation should be done to the News channels as well as Channel 4 and the sponsers.. Why ????The news presenter on interviewing one person,showed where her T.V. news stood...How????She stated and asked ''If child pornography was on T.V. and you did not want to watch it,you would just switch the channel!!???The person replied'' CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS ILLEGAL''Interview ended..Our religious teachers can learn alot from Jade in Tshuva...The media promotes abortion with a zeal from gehinnom. How???by glorifing depravity as the norm..exulting mediums,astrologers and the Nostradamuses,when the true prophets of the Tanach are rejected,and their prophesies are 100% true.
The debts we never paid,and the gratitude we never showed,,,,,,,,,,Germany was in ruins as was Europe,the blitz on Berlin had decided the war.England had given her children to stop the advance of Hitler.The Queen stopped using her palace for volunteers darning socks for the soldiers. The Queen stopped darning socks and contined her office.. The prison camps had been liberated.England had sacrificed its wealth being in debt asked America for a loan 3.5 billion dollars.To save the country.All rabies in America stood against the loan,England repaid the debt in 2006 as stated in the JPost.The debts we never paid are to those who sacrificed their lives to win WW11,the gratitude we never showed was by closing all avenues for England to get back on its feet...Truman in wisdom gave the loan overiding all opposition...Please read JPost ''The debt Britain paid and the one it didn't'' It seems all was mida cneged mida......is this why HaShem made it so hard to re-enter the land?????
The media sways the mind of the people. Jade and Shilpa were pawns in a game,This time the powers failed .................and yet !!!!!!!
the chess game is not over....
It was stated that we are five minutes from midnight,at times it feels that we are only one step away from seeing the three stars in the sky........Orr is it in the media please read the Daniel Report????In the years that I had not watched T.V. I really had not missed anything...Midnight is coming and who will survive..????
''Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,nor stands in the way of sinners,nor sits in the seat of the scornful.But!!his delight is in the Torah (LAW) of HaShem,And in His Torah(LAW)does he meditate day and night.
Shabbat Shalom
Pritt Sehmi.

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Tory Burch

I did a bit of research and discovered an interesting, yet largely unknown, little fact: Arab states provide less than 3 percent of the annual budget of UNRWA, the UN agency that assists Palestinian refugees throughout the Middle East.

By contrast, Western countries cover some 95 percent of the organization's finances each year.

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Now, if they really truly cared about the fate of their Palestinian brethren, would oil-rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain be so miserly and cheap when it comes to improving their living conditions?


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